Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Race/Recovery Week

After a pretty tough 2.5 weeks it's time for some recovery and some Xterra racing. The race last weekend was just used as a good threshold workout and for fun. Mission accomplished... and winning was pretty killer too!

I will be racing Xterra Snow Valley this weekend and am really looking forward to it. I would classify this as a "B" race as I don't need the points for Nationals (already qual'd) and I am pretty much rebuilding my base right now for Xterra Nationals and Worlds. But... It's an Xterra race and I plan on going full blast. I finished 2nd in my AG and 3rd Overall there last year and would like to do better.

The course is short but pretty challenging. The swim will be really short this year due to the lack of rain and low water level in the lake. Right now they are calling for an 800 yard swim. The bike is only 11 miles, but with 2,000 ft of climbing. The run is brutal! Defintely one of the hardest Xterra run courses out there. Again it's short, only 4 miles, but has plenty of steep climbs. Oh yeah... and this all takes place above 6500 ft.

I was pretty beat down after the past couple of weeks and the race on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were super easy days. This morning I hit a little intensity on the mountain bike and then an easy run at lunch. The rest of the week should be pretty fun. My friends Trevor and Tom are both coming in town for the race and we are going to get some light training in on Friday and Saturday. Both of these guys are fast. Trevor has beat me in every race I have ever raced him in... so needless to say it will be fun trying to track him down on Sunday. The 3 of us have raced in 3 races together so far this year: AZ Xtreme Offroad Triathlon, Xterra West Champs, and the Xterra East Champs. It's always a good time racing and training... and drinking with these guys. So the weekend should be a fun one.

I am also super excited about my next block of training but I will get to that later.

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xteric said...

Good luck & have fun tearing up those HILLS at Snow Valley!