Thursday, November 29, 2007

back at it...

I am slowly getting back into the training groove. Over the past couple of weeks I have riding and running with more regularity and just got back in the pool for the first time in a couple of weeks on Monday. I'm feeling good but I'm definitely tired. Right now I am just trying to get my body ready for some hard training. This post will be a short one as I have been lame and not been taking any photos.

Last night I went on a night MTB ride in PQ canyon and it was sick. I met up with Dave, Lynn, Greg, and crew and we rolled out at 5:45pm from Canyonside Park. These guys have been doing this ride year for years. I think Dave has been leading it for 10 years so needless to say they have this place dialed and they like to hammer. There were 9 of us total and we all had really good light setups so visibility was not an issue. I did get another light so now I am running the TriNewt on the bars and the MiNewt X.2 on the helmet. Having both lights makes a huge difference. I felt just as fast as I would be in the daylight.

Graph from the ride. As you can see I kind of dropped the hammer at the end. It hurt.

The ride was killer and will be a regular part of my training throughout the winter. I really want to work on my night riding to get ready for some events I have lined up. I will get to that along with what my training will look like in my next post. I am definitely stoked about it!

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Benson said...

Holy hammer fest! Yeah, i'd say you guys did a little crank bending.
Very nice season wrap up. You had a pretty damn good one.