Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm done for now...

Another "normal" weekend... and I am paying for it right now.

Being at work monday morning with a killer hangover is not fun. This is probably the first hangover I have had in quite some time. Even with all the drinking and partying I have been doing since worlds I have kept it relatively mellow, but yesterday was a totally different story.

Saturday Beth and I volunteered at the TCSD Duathlon. It was good time and fun being on the other side of things for once. I defintely wasn't feeling the itch to race... at all. The thought of going hard right now doesn't sound fun. Right after the race Beth and I headed out on the trails for run around Calvera Lake. I live really close to these trails and have never been out there. The trails are awesome and I will defintely be heading back for more runs and some riding.

Yesterday Aaron and I went the Chargers game and watched them barely hang on and beat the Colts. It was a long ass day with the festivities (beer drinking) starting around noon and not ending until the 4th quarter some time around 10pm (and it would have kept going but they shut down the beer stand!). The game was killer, the tailgating was fun, and I drank WAY too much. I think I may have gotten most of the partying out my system yesterday. We'll see.

My season review post is just about complete but I have been lagging on it...

Here's some photos from the week.

snacks before the game.

Chargers taking the field.

Aaron and I at the beginning of the game... still kind of sober (not really).

rooting for the bolts... totally not drunk at all.

I hate the colts.

Dinners from the week.




Benson said...

Holy crap man, you're really taking this off season stuff seriously. I love it.
Hang over? Don't love that.

Cindy Jo said...

You embrace the off season almost as much as I do! I try and get as much of the following as I can: Friends, Football, Food and Alcohol = FUN.

Hangovers are just the price of admission. Think of it as DOMS, but hopefully it only lasts a day.