Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is a big deal: Kettle Chips

OK... for those who know me or have spent anytime with me you know I am obsessed with Kettle Chips, especially after a long day of training. I don't have a sweet tooth... at all, but love salty snacks. I can also justify eating Kettle Chips because the are made with healthy oils and good potatoes. I know they are not the healthiest snack but it's my one junk food vice and I could always use some extra salt and carbs.

On November 1st the 4th annual Kettle Chips People's Choice awards kicked off. I quickly put in my order to the bags of the contending favors. This years theme: Fire and Spice.

I finally received them yesterday and the testing is underway. It's on!

Special Delivery.

The Goods.


I like kettle chips so much I have even been coming up with recipes that incorporate the chips. Here's one:

Baked BBQ chicken with Kettle Classic BBQ chips used as the coating/breading... and yes, it was good.

fresh out out of the oven.

...straight to a plate and then in my watering mouth.

As soon as I get through all the bags I will post my winner. So far I have tried the Mango Chili and Hot Sauce. Both solid.

Here's what I am in for...


moonpie said...

You are frickin' hard core! I've never tried them but like you, I have a "thing" for salty stuff!

Benson said...

Damn You!
Here I am drooling on my keyboard just before lunch.
I'm hungry and you dangle this in front of me?
I'm so gonna get my chip on.

kt said...

Oooh, I love Kettle chips too. Keep us posted on your fav!