Friday, August 29, 2008

I've cracked...

The 7 weeks of put in of base training this summer was tough. I put in more miles on a consistent basis than ever before... and I did it right. I didn't push the intensity, but 6 hours on the bike isn't easy no matter whether you are pushing it or keeping it mellow. Let's just say 7+ weeks of averaging 20+ hours of training, 215+ miles of riding, and 35-45 miles of running cracked me... and I don't mean physically. My body feels great. It's more mental...

I have been really into music since I was a freshman in high school. I was really into punk and hardcore and spent many days going to see small bands in basements and in small clubs. I'll admit it... I was kind of a music snob until a couple of years ago. My taste in music changed a bit. I was still into a lot of hardcore and punk, but way more into indie rock and continued to go to a lot of shows. I also have always listened to a lot of rap... I mean a lot. This kind of surprises some people because I 've always been a scrawny white surfer kid. Ok... so what does this have to do with me cracking?

Since I started triathlon I haven't been making it to many shows so most of the music is listen too is while riding or running. I have playlists for everything depending on the workouts I am going to do:

Base run: Rap (the cool kids, atmosphere, kidz in the hall)
Hard/Interval run/ride: Metal (slipknot, metallica (mainly the old stuff), As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Emery)
Recovery Ride: Mellow tunes (nada surf, the get up kids, minus the bear, death cab, the decemberists, iron & wine, Brand New, Cursive)

Here's a video of some of my favorite rap... The Cool Kids. They rap about BMX bikes... does it get any better?

Now here's the interesting one...
Base ride (4-6+ hours): These playlists usually contain a bit of everything.... rap, metal, indie, punk... everything I got... and that's a lot. I still am really into music and buy/download a lot.

So during this last block of base training where I rode my bikes more than ever it was hard to stay focused on some my long solo missions and I was completely over all my music. I searched through my music library and scoured itunes for something new (or old) that would get me excited to turn on the shuffle and grind away miles in the saddle. First I downloaded a lot of old hardcore that I grew up on and didn't have the original albums any more. For a couple rides music by Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, 7 Seconds, and Minor Threat got me through... but then I kind of got over that too.

Then it happened... I cracked... completely and downloaded an new album by Jamey Johnson. Yep... it's a country album. It was advertised on the front page of the itunes store and a took a listen and it was a Johnny Cash-esqu with songs about drugs and drinking. I downloaded it and added to one of my long ride playlists... and I have to admit... I was really into it. So I proceeded to down more... and more... and more country tunes & albums. I couldn't/can't get enough of this "crap". I say crap because I will admit I have "hated" on country music for as long as I can remember, even while being a fan of a lot of folk indie bands (Lucero) which are very similar to country music. Like I said before I was music snob.

So I now confess to liking country music... I really can't believe I just typed that, but there is something about music about whiskey and women that make the miles tick by. My family is going to give me so much shit for this. My parents listen to a lot of country and are the ones that have heard me talk crap about country music for year and years. So there is it... I am not longer cool... Just another way triathlon has changed me.... first it was spandex, then shaving my legs, and now country music.... maybe it's time to find a new sport before things really start getting weird.

This is kind of a random post... as for training... It's going really well. Yesterday I had one of the best run workouts I have had all year. I felt like I was flying out on the trails... It's been a while since I felt like that in training. It may be the first time this year. I have been really paying attention (more than ever) to my recovery & pre-workout nutrition. Not that I didn't before but Trevor has helped me really dial in my schedule so I have adequate time to rest/recover from the intense efforts. It's making a huge difference. I can't wait for Tahoe!

I am going to start listing my workout playlists and I hope some other people start doing the same. I need some more good training tunes.

the run:
threshold and above threshold intervals in San Elijo Lagoon. I nailed this one!
playlist: Slipknot - I loaded three slipknot albums on my shuffle and kept it in shuffle mode. I have found metal (especially Slipknot) works the best for me on interval runs.

I started and ended this run at Flether's Cove about 30 yards from the beach. So within 5 minutes of finishing this hard run I was in the water. Nothing feels better... and then it was off to a massage. definitely a good day!

Recovery ride this morning... mellow, mellow.
Playlist: Iron & Wine and Lucero

have a good weekend...


GZ said...

Survey: how many country fans wear spandex and shave their legs AND have the tin of skoal in the back of that spandex.

If you are one of them ... you have gone too far.

Awesome post. I have long thought that I'd append to my posts something to the effect of "today's run powered by ..."

But you are still way cooler than me ... I don't even know 10 percent of the freaking bands you mentioned. I got stuck at nineteen eighty seven with music more or less and only a few things since then have made it through.

Yesterday's run powered by Candlebox.

FatDad said...

Admiting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. I'm stoked the see the playlists and I'll try and put up more of mine.

XTERRA 29er said...

I was born and raised in Nashville - so of course I grew up hating on country music. As soon as I moved away for undergrad I gave it a chance and liked it (the old stuff). The past 5 years I was back in Nashville and had a new appreciation for the stuff. It's what helped get me through the drive from TN to AZ this summer. Tough country music for tough workouts is killer. Keep it up.

Benson said...

Ha, that is really funny. You've moved on to where music started in this good ol USA.

I can't wait to see you in cowboy boots and cut-off jeans kick'n it at some Country Fest in Alabama.

Eat some grits.

j.p. patrick said...

Candlebox is awesome! I moved to Seattle from Cali in '93 and grew my hair like Jesus! Now my girlfriend is taking my to an Ani DiFranco concert next month. The times they are a changin'! Big week, JW! I'm looking forward to watching you crush your big races later this year!

Stephanie said...

Your rambling on music snobbery failed to mention the year you devoted to Vanilla Ice.

I knew you were headed for a fall when Beth told me you purchased a Carrie Underwood CD - for her of course (wink, wink). My response was "From a store?"

Glad to see you finally are expanding your musical horizons. Can't wait to see what Dad and Chris have to say.

beth said...

i KNEW you would crack when you borrowed my ipod and heard "Jesus Take The Wheel"....

i went to undergrad in nashville...and never listened to country. but now i can't get enough. but you know this..

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Dude I was scared to death reading that title. fortunately your cracking didn't turn out to be that bad after all :)

Jim said...

Welcome My Son.....Country Rocks....

As you know, I have always said that Country Music was the last bastion of REAL Rock & Roll.

Having grown up listening to all the greats from the 50's and 60's, experiencing the "British Invasion", moving through Folk and Pop, I settled on Country because you could understand the words and the songs told a story. It reminds me of my youth listening to Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, and groups like the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, et al.

The old days of "Country - Western" music are long gone. You know, the songs where "my dog left me for another man and my wife has fleas", or kissing your horse goodnight before bedding down have been replaced with real, personal songs.

Most of the modern forms of music remind me of the intro to James Taylor's "Steamroller Blues", where he talks about "rich kids from the suburbs, who received electric guitars for Christmas" came to the big city and tired to play the Blues.

You need to check out two fairly new songs. Go to to see the videos. You'll figure out to navigate the site. The two songs are "All Summer Long", by Kid rock, and "All I Want to Do", by Sugarland. The Sugarland video shows that Country and Surfing are a good mix. The kid rock video might just remind you of some of the parties you used to go to. HA HA.

It was just a matter of time.

Cliff said...

Hey Jameson,

..u only need to wear a cowboy hat when u do xterra ;P

As for everything must be feeling very solid for the coming xterra championship :)