Sunday, August 10, 2008

Operation Mountain Goat week: Week 6 Recap

The kinds of notes Beth leaves me on the fridge. This ones from the morning before the Snow Valley race. She's a good roommate.

Another tough week is in the books. One more week to go, then some recovery, and then it's build time. I am stoked with the consistency I have had through this base phase. I have never been this consistent or put in this much volume on the bike. The run has been solid too but I have been really pushing on the bike.

Here's a quick recap of the weekend.

Friday started off with an early morning swim and then the plan was to meet Tom back at my place for some off road riding and running. When I got out of the pool I had a message from Tom telling me that both of his bikes got stolen from his sister-in-law's apartment downtown. Both of his bikes were sick and worth at least 10 g's together. Luckily his insurance is going to cover it but it killed our plans. So I hit the trails on the bike solo for a couple hours of climbing and then he met up with me for 60 minutes of running on my trails.

I spent the rest of Friday cleaning out my garage. So stoked it's finally clean and that Beth and I are done unpacking and moving in her in. My Padres bobblehead collection has found a new home... in my office at work! All that is left to do is to make a run to Goodwill to donate a bunch of old clothes, towels, and shoes.

photos of the garage... why does a clean and organized garage make me so happy?

Saturday was supposed to be a big day on the bike. Tom rented a bike from B&L and the plan was to meet up with Luke up in Carlsbad. Tom and I set out from my house around 8am and met up with Luke 30 minutes later. We decided to change up our planned route because Luke had a little food poisoning the day before and needed to be able to pull the plug if he wasn't feeling it. Our route was still solid and about 2 hours in Luke could not get any calories down and headed back up the coast to his car and Tom and I pushed on. At about 3 hours Tom was cracking. I think this was the longest ride he had ever done and only ended up getting 3 hours of sleep the night before. We headed back towards my house and then he went back to the crib and I kept going. Then I got a flat and was out of air. I had to used my last co2 to fix my rear tire earlier... so I was stranded. I had to call Tom for a pick up.

So it was obviously not the ride I had planned on but I still got 4.5 hours of some solid base miles.

Sunday Beth was up early to go ride in Pine Valley and I slept in. Once I got up and around I set out to run a route I had been putting together in my head for a while. The route was back on my local trails but with some new stuff and a lot of climbing. I really had no idea how long it would take... I was kind of exploring. 1:55 later I was done. The run was pretty tough but a great route. I will definitely be doing it again but probably a shorter version.

the run.

I came home from the run slammed some PowerBar Recovery drink and hit the coast for 90 minutes of easy spinning. This does wonders for me. I try to be on the bike within 30 minutes of ending my run. It starts out rough but the my legs come alive and it definitely helps with my recovery.

sunday night staple.

that's it... a solid weekend and a lot of miles riding and running for the week. Feeling good.

Views from my weekday hill workout. Climbing through the marine layer.


Luke said...

bummer saturday didn't work out for ya bro.

next weekend rim's on baby!!

Cliff said...


Thanks for leaving ur comment at my blog. Those bikes hanging off the garage. SICK! :)

Flatman said...

Nice weekend, bro. Food looks delicious as usual! Love the fridge drawing... :)

GZ said...

Dude ... you beat me on cleaning out the garage post a move. We moved in June and I still have not captured the garage back. Of course we have two crumb grabbers and we agreed to let it ride during the summer. Ah well, school starts next week.

I love the shoe rack with the foam roller in the corner. We all have our gear corner.

And if you need to get rid of that Padre bobble head thing ... send them my way. I'd could make some good video of there demise. Matt H. Rox Bobblehead takin' 'em out!

Love reading the reality show here. Keep up the good work! Live it.

Matt said...

Dude, are those inov-8s I see? Do you like'em? BTW, as long as this sore throat doesn't stay too long, I'm making the bull run. won't be at baldy.

Lay it down.

Ryan Denner said...

hhmmm those last 2 pics look like the top of double peak drive in san elijo! ssaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Jim said...

A garage THAT ORGANIZED in indeed the sign of a very sick mind.

You need to organize your garage just like mine (HaHa).

That's a bummer about Tom's bikes. Since you seem to be surrouned by great karma, maybe some of will help Tom and the %&@%*&@ that stole the bikes will get their just reward.

beth said...

the garage is awesome. you did a great job. i knew if i went out of town, great things would be done...thanks for creating all the space for me...

thanks for posting my dorky notes.

D a v e P said...

Hey James,

Good to see ya out there on 101 Saturday. I didn't even recognize you at first - sorry about that.
Sucks about your friend's bikes! But, that reminds me to get insurance for my stuff too.

runninggunner said...

Sweet Weekend. Having an organized garage makes everything that much easier.

Thanks for the head's up on the Powerbar recovery. That stuff is awesome.

XTERRA 29er said...

I hear you on moving. Our BIG move is this weekend. My condolences to Tom on the bikes. Having gone through that earlier this summer I know how much it sucks.

j.p. patrick said...

Putting your new 'roommate' at the top of your move!! I somehow came across your and Beth's food blog, VO2 Maxxed, a while back and have been watching you both progress and CRUSH... but come on... more food, man!!! Cheers!

TRI-ROB said...

The whole clean garage thing? I'm TOTALLY with you on that bro! What IS it? All I know is that I saw that pic of all the organized shoes... and got goose bumps!

Solid training bro! The build ought to be fun!