Monday, August 25, 2008

Operation Incline: Week 1 recap

A view from Saturdays ride.

One week of build is in the books. The week started off great but the "strength" class Beth conned me into left me with a severe case of the DOMS in the legs. That had me feeling pretty haggard at the start of of my Thursday interval run, but once I loosened up I felt pretty good. So no more "strength" class for James unitl the offseason... and I'll be the first to admit it.... Those old ladies kicked my ass!

The weekend started off with a mellow day of riding and and an open water swim on Friday. The Friday open water swims are definitely my favorite swim workout. All the folks from the Encinitas YMCA masters program meet up around 5 and hit the water. There are two buoys right off Moonlight Beach and if you start from shore, make right turns around both of them, and then head back in it's a 600m lap. So we pretty much do laps with a jog in between... perfect for Xterra.

Saturday was hard 4 hour ride and then a quick run off the bike. I rode really hard and didn't have any expectations for the run but was shocked with how well it went. Definitely a good sign this early on. I knocked this out in the morning, came home ate, napped and then headed to the beach with Beth. We chillaxed for a bit then did some easy swimming at Moonlight. Then of course it was off to get burritos and fro-yo.... again. Second night in a row... no... it never gets old!

Sunday... I was up at 4:15am. Why? Beth was racing again. This time it was the Imperial Beach Triathlon which is quite a haul south from Carlsbad. So it was an early morning of playing triathlon sherpa. I got the bike loaded, gear on the car and we were on the road by 5 in order to hit the 'bucks before getting on the highway. As soon as we got down to IB Beth headed for transition and I set out on my long run along the Strand... solid run and pancake flat for a change... definitely got kind of bored. I made it back while Beth was still out on the bike and then just watched the rest of the race and then hung out under the sun in the park.

Biggups to my homeboys Luke and Matt. Luke pulled a sneak attack to get by Felipe on the run and Matt raced on a single speed and still laid it down. The crew from Amateur Endurance were out there racing as a relay and crushed it as well!
After the awards we headed home and then we went for an easy spin before doing what we do on Sundays... hang by the pool and cook a good dinner... and I'll say it again... No, it never gets old. I love summer!

dinner for two?


Mark said...

You are livin' the life, my friend...

Nice work on the training!

GZ said...

Are you grillin' lettuce? Never tried that. Might need to.

Is it still Op MG if you have moved off based and are now in build?

And I am dyin' to know if the yeast samples in suspension I sent have killed you yet.

jameson said...

GZ - I decided to take your advice and let the beer chill for a couple of days... I can't wait to pop the top!

yeah.. i think you are right... Operation Mountain Goat has come and gone. Any ideas?

Matt Genovese said...

Hey, Thanks for the props it will be interesting to see what my bike time is.... I need to get it dialed for Mission, speaking of which, do you need a place to stay for Worlds? Hit me up if you do!

rr said...

I have those pink radars.They look better on you. If you ever need replacements I'll throw mine in the mail to you.

Nice training -- and rocking photography work for Beth's latest post..

Did I tell you my eight year old got a foul ball at Wrigley? Made his summer..

TRI-ROB said...

Next time... kick those old lady's in the shin!


beth said...

seriously...i have trouble deciding what i need more...the race support or the grill support!

thanks for seeing me through yet another 4am wake up call!

beth said...

seriously...i have trouble deciding what i need more...the race support or the grill support!

thanks for seeing me through yet another 4am wake up call!