Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Want to Conquer the World: week 2 recap.

Here it is... my final week of training (resting) before the biggest race of the year and my life on Sunday. I am definitely ready both physically and mentally. Seriously, with the way I am feeling I wish we would have raced this past weekend. This is week is all about going through the motions and staying sharp. Work will be pretty busy for me this week up until I leave on Friday morning, but that's a good thing. I need distractions during weeks like this. When I feel this good I just want to keep training.

Training last week was good and the weekend was fun. On Saturday morning I was up early (too early) to head down to Fiesta Island for the TCSD club race. I have said before, I'll say it again, and I probably say a bunch more in the future, the Triathlon Club of San Diego is incredible. The members are awesome and it really seems like everybody is out there for some good training and good times. Such mellow vibes even from the fastest dudes... and there are some mega fast guys out there. That's the good thing about the races. You can always find some one to push you and then kick it with after the race over some breakfast burritos and coffee. The post race buffets are all-time!

The plan was to go out and hammer the whole race or else I would getting a beat down. Beth headed down with me to meet up with a group to ride up the coast with. I had time to catch up with some people and get in a short warm-up. After the course talk we had about 5 minutes until the start so I maybe got in 100 yards of swimming/splashing before we headed out.

The swim was quite a bit longer than the advertised 800m which I was stoked about. The long the swim the better the prep for the swim this sunday. The swim went out fast with the usual fish hammering. I can't hang with them (yet... next year it's on!). I swam hard and built my effort throughout. I got out of the water in pretty good position.

I hammered on the bike and felt good but my road bike and gear were no match for the all guys in full on aero-mode. People break out all the gear (aero lids, discs, etc.) for the club races and I fell back a couple of spots. Once on the run I was able to catch all the guys that caught me plus a couple more. The run was solid and all I thought about the whole time was the Maui course and next Sunday. I think I ended up in 4th place but more importantly I felt good and had a great time.

On Sunday I was up and out on the bike in first thing in the morning. I wanted to knock out my ride before the Chargers game got started. Well I made it home in time to see the kick off only to watch the bolts play like crap and blow it in the 4th quarter with two late turnovers. Not awesome. I am not a Norv Turner fan. If you can't win with all the talent he has on that team then something is wrong. I think it's time for him to go... Maybe we could get Wade Phillips back from the Cowboys. With the way they are playing it looks like he could be looking for a job. He was the defensive coordinator back when they could actually stop the run.
It was good day for sports though. The Rays knocked out the Redsox and are now going to be playing Philly in the series. I am stoked about this... you gotta root for the underdog! The first game is Saturday night. I will be watching in Maui!


Ryan Weeger said...

The first game is on Wednesday! and Norv does need to go, I would even take Lane Kiffin down in the SD. Good Job on the 4th, you are ready to dominate in Maui for sure!

FatDad said...

Good to see the Rays win. I was getting deja vu after Boston's win in game 5....
Stoked to hear that you are so primed to go. All the work is done. Just stick to the plan and kill it in Maui!

Luke said...


allison said...

Norv Turner sucks. He was fired years ago and then they re-hire him. Stupid.

Good luck this coming weekend!

Jim said...

Chompin' at the bit! GOOD SIGN !

Have a killer race. We'll be watching the streaming video and cheering LOUDLY !

Toe the line. Give your all. Let the results happen. You are ready !!!!

Maggs said...

Looks like you're ready to kick butt in Maui and then drink some beer!

beth said...

i expect some med tent action on sunday.

just kidding. DO NOT do that. just come close. like, "i went so hard i ALMOST had to go to the med tent, but then i had a beer and it was all okay"

make sure to think of me in mile 1 of the run course when you see the orange cones.

runninggunner said...

Have a great race! Looks like you are super prepared

Dan said...

Unfortunately, I am travelling, so wont be able to watch the live stream of you killing it.

My mind, however, is focused on channeling the winner.

James, go out there and rock the house down!

Justin said...

go get 'em james!