Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pre-race report from the frozen tundra...

Ok... maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. It's not as cold as Lambeau Field in December, but we are not playing football either. We'll swimming in lake tahoe, riding the flume trail, and then knocking through a 10k of pretty fun trails... but it's definitely not warm.

On Thursday I found out that my sister was going to be able to join my on the trip. I was more than stoked. It's always good to have someone in your corner, especially at a big race. So I was up early yesterday and got on the road.

After 9 hours of driving and too many Starbucks pits stops we arrived in Incline Village to overcast skies and cool temps. It actually felt pretty good, but the wind was howling and the lake was very choppy.

I met up with Luke, Ed, and Sara for a pre-ride of the course. They all race for Cody's EPC Xterra team and I had a killer time riding with them. The trail... is awesome. Every time I ride it I like it more and more. The ride was fun and cold. By the time I got back to the parking lot my hands and feet were both totally numb even though I was wearing some wool socks and gloves. I went for a quick run afterwards and felt good as soon as my feet began to thaw out.

This year's pre-ride photo.

Last years... you choose.

View from the top of Twin Lakes. It was probably 40 degrees with 30+ mph winds.

After the run I picked up my packet, checked out the silent auction for Jamie Whitmore, bought one of the the limited edition J-Dawg T-shirts (proceeds got to Jamie Whitmore... If you are in town go buy one or show your support and pick one up at

I am #337 for the race tomorrow which I think is a lucky one. 33 was Cru Jones' number in RAD and 7 was number when I played baseball.

After getting all that taken care Steph and I headed to go check into our hotel. We are staying at the Tahoe Biltmore Lodge. It's an old school casino and it's pretty killer. Sunday night I will definitely be enjoying the activities and with a couple of cold ones and some blackjack.

This morning I was up to some hot coffee and then headed out for a quick pre-race run and ride before the rain was supposed to start. I felt good and I warmed up pretty quick in the cold conditions. I am feeling good! I decided not to swim today... it's just too cold and I don't want to freeze my ass off.

View from my morning ride.

The weather for tomorrow is going to be less than ideal, but I am just glad I am not racing today. The folks doing Xterra Nevada today are braving some very tough conditions. It's raining lightly right now, it's cold, and it's windy. The rain is supposed to turn to snow some time this afternoon so tomorrow morning will be very interesting.

I think that's about it. I slept great last night (10 hours) and just got done eating a good lunch. All that's on tap for the rest of today is to chill in the hotel, watch college football & MLB playoffs, and then hit the awards banquet tonight.

Thanks to everybody for all the support. I will definitely be giving it everything I have tomorrow... rain, sleet, or snow!


FatDad said...

The only way to warm it up is to bring the heat! Get it.

Zippy said...

Looking at your pics and the weather, I'm kinda glad I stayed home this year! Kill it, homie!

skinfit said...

Let it ride my only live once and you are ready for the challenge!!!!

Jim said...

Great talking to you tonight. We'll be rooting for you tomorrow. Have a great race.

beth said...

yep. fatdad has the slogan of your race.
suck it up, princess.
miss you!! oh crap, i just spilled diet coke on the couch while writing this. you LOVE leaving me
home alone to mess everything up...

hey, at least your wave doesn't go off at 6:45 like mine does!!! WTF? is that legal? and its raining in san diego right now. when does that happen?


MarkyV said...

kick some ass bro. thanks for the pics. looks great there.

austin's a cooker. I might be seeing you in SD soon.

GZ said...

Weather. Whatever.


Jim Vance said...

I'm collecting on those beers you owe me, tonight!