Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want to go to KONA!

I dropped a little hint in my last post about Kona and Jim called me out a little bit on it.

Comment from Jim:
"You're no longer allowed to give me crap about IM, and coming back to XTERRA if this means what I think it means."

Watching the IM World Champs was pretty inspiring, as always. What a long hot day and it made me realize that I really want to get over there for that race... but don't you guys worry. I don't want to race and I want to make if over there as the ultimate triathlon sherpa. I want to be over there watching Beth race.

I don't want any part of IM... none... at least not right now. I love Xterra racing and am not ready to move on. There's still a lot I want to accomplish offroad before I even consider 140.6 miles on the road.

I may need some help getting myself over there. I have a very good feeling Beth could be pretty successful at the IM distance. The longer and harder the race is (especially the run) the better she does. She's in full on marathon training right now so she is slowly building up her mileage and she's getting super fit. I think with her current training and the last year of racing next she can tackle an IM or at least try to qualify at a 70.3 next year.

The only problem is she is on the fence about the whole IM thing. I know she wants to do it... or at least wants to race in Kona with the likes of Bree, Rachel, Kerrie and all the other hot IM chicks. So please help me convince her and help me fulfill my dream of being a the best sherpa I can be in Kona. I want to hang out, ride my bike, swim, drink coffee (and beer), and watch the whole event go down.


A little training update. The taper officially begins tomorrow. Bring it on, I am ready. As one of my last "peak" workouts I will be doing the TCSD Club race on Saturday. It should be fun to get out there an blow it all out. The distances are perfect for what I need right now... 800m swim, 12 mile bike, and a 4 mile run. The plan will be to go ALL OUT in each sport. If I don't Trevor said he might cruise down here and kick my ass.

one last thing... I finally posted an update on Vo2 Maxxed. Check it out.


Jim said...

I vote yes and have commented as such on Beth's blog. you two would make an ultimate coed IM team. (yeah, I know you aren't into IM, but at least give it some thought)

Sue said...

OK, I will help get her there for you. We had a blast...and I am a professional at watching and cheering and helping. I sent her abunce of photos. (133) hope she got them...Wish we were going to Maui now...

Jim Vance said...

Careful what you wish for brother... When she gets tired like Ironman training can make you, she may not be so sweet and easy to live with!

If she needs an Ironman coach, you know who to call.

Sarah said...

uh oh...sounds like somebody's got the IM bug...the question is...does BETH?????

that would be awesome, though.

enjoy the taper, but work hard!

Luke said...

wasn't there a female triathlete that said,"no way will i ever do an ironman!"! i think she likes pink!

for you the IM distance would be a walk in the park. one day you will realize that....when you finally do one!

good tapering to ya!

runninggunner said...

Kona looks awesome!! Watching it this weekend, almost makes me want to do an Ironman.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

did what I could to solve your mission..

have a champions taper!

GZ said...

note to self ... watch out when JW says, "I got this great idea."

Dude - it was 110 in the energy lab! Head to the mountains instead! We get a little snow and the air gets a bit thin.

beth said...

hey, that's funny. i want to go to kona too! to do the underpants run, sit and drink coffee, snorkel and party.
let's use blog trickery to get james to do ironman!

no, but for real...thanks for thinking i can do it. way to lay on the high expectations real thick. am i fired as your girlfriend if i don't qualify?

this is making 2009 tricky. i'm thinking hawaii....but for another race- maybe honu 70.3?

Bryan said...

You know why everyone want's to go race at Kona?

...Because it's worth it. :)
Greatest athletic day of my life. You have that little cuttie get in touch with me and I will regal her with tales of the wonder that is THE IRONAMN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. :)
Is she coming to Clearwater? I'll be there and would love to see you guys!

kerrie said...

yeah, totally make her do honu! big G came and watched me the first year that i did kona(he had just been racing xterra up until that point)and he thought IM was stupid until he watched the race. then he decided that he could do it and has been hooked even since....

Cliff said...

hey Jameson,

My blogline is picking your blog updates a tad too late. Anyways, congrats on second on the national xterra championship :).

As for Kona, if your g/f has the potential to qualify, i say gun for it. Not many ppl have this opportunity to do so.

Btw, I did wicked on my mary....more on that later :)