Sunday, December 14, 2008

a good weekend for the team...

A good weekend for sure and getting back in the training groove. On Saturday I met up with Ryan for a brutal 3 hour coastal ride in howling winds and some light rain. It wasn't fun, but it was good to be back on the bike and putting in some work. The rest of the day was mellow and staying off the legs before Sunday's race.

On a my local trail run last week I landed on a rock pretty hard right in the arch of my right foot and it was pretty tender the rest of the week. After and easy run on Friday it was pretty sore. I didn't run at all on Saturday and my foot felt great so I figured I was ready to go for Sunday.

Beth and I got to Crystal Cove nice and early and it was still pretty cold so we had some time to kill. See her blog for the details. When we headed out to warm my foot felt ok but not 100%. It could climb just fine be descending was aggravating it. I almost decided not to race but charged it any way.

Beth chillaxing in the car pre race. Maybe people can see why I call her my lil' monster. Sweet stink-eye.

I lined up right at the front with my homeboy Jon on my left and Beth on my right. The race started and I was immediately in a pack of four charging up the initial 1 mile climb. It was soon only 3 of us and we put a big gap on the rest of the field. I dropped into third position and just sat in it until the first descent and that's when I knew it was going to be a rough one.

Descending hurt.... and this course has a lot it. Jon and the leader were able to get away from me on the long descent pretty easily which doesn't usually happen. So I just sucked it up and for the remaining 8 miles I just went as hard as I could uphill and cruised the descents and flats. I was able to hang out to 3rd overall on the long 10.2 mile course and win my AG but with a pretty sore foot. Not stoked. Jon ended up in second and some unknown Euro guy took the win. Beth had another solid on post-marathon legs. She also was the third female overall and won her AG. Go Team.

me and the champ post race.

If am stoked about the race but am beginning to think I am cursed at these Xterra Trail run events. My first race last year I was leading the race by a good margin and got sent off course in the last 1.5 miles by a volunteer, at Topanga I had the mysterious quad cramps, and yesterday I couldn't go all out because of my foot. I am bummed because these are hands down the races I have the most fun at.

I'll rest my foot this week and figure out what's jacked. I am not to worried about it as this is perfect time to take a little time off of running with the races/goals I have for next year.

After the race Beth and I headed home to watch the DVR'd Chargers game. She made some killer turkey chilly and rested/iced my foot and drank some beers. I have so many random beers in my "beer fridge" so I decided to have a couple of different ones. I can't believe the bolts came back to win.... and still have a slim chance to make the playoffs. It's killing me.

beer#1. Stone Ruination IPA. Thanks to Matt.

Beer #2. Red Hook Late Harvest Autumn Ale & elevated, iced foot.

beer #3 & some chili. Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA


GZ said...

Now them be some racing shorts!

Ryan Weeger said...

I'm very jealous of the awesome beers you had yesterday! Here's your next mission:

runninggunner said...

Great Race!!! Loving the recovery technique. I've been hitting all kinds of beer as well.

Hope the foot heals up quickly.

Luke said...

yeah man...keep that foot up and practice those one armed curls! it's december!! ;)

Rodney said...

Nice to know I am not the only one rollin around the house drinking beer in my pj's watching football. That is THE way to recover!

We had a good race too, Nate my son took 3rd place in his AG and is totally stoked on doing tri's.

Have a great week and feel better.

j.p. patrick said...

I had those same shorts... gym class... 1984!! ;)

Mark said...

Congrats bro. Nice shorts!

Benson said...

oops, i stumbled onto your beer review blog. I thought you were a triathlete. Beer looks damn good to me.

nice race anyway.

Dan said...

Rockin - can't believe you were hurt with a performance like that.

I was craking up over the B-eye : "what the hell am I doing in this parking lot so early?!" funny

p.s. my verification word was "endiso". what a great endiso to team jw/bg 2008!

Jim said...

How many ways are there to say it?

Good race, good beer, good football (for a change), good food!

Here's to the good life!

(My vote: Wear all three head bands at the same time. You know how much I hate to make decisions)

Tawnee said...

Hey! Congrats on your finish, you and Beth rock. It was great (and very random) meeting you guys! Small world.

Sorry to hear about your foot, but there's nothing like beer and chili to ease the pain, haha. I enjoyed some wine later that night too -- helped my sore quads!

Good luck in the rest of the Xterra series, the next run sounds even crazier!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

rest up that foot well bro!

Sarah said...

NICE BEERS! Oh yeah and nice race, too, but I'm super bummed about your foot. :( I hope 2009 has a change of karma for you and all your XTERRA runs are killer and sans injury/incident.

I'll have to try the Ruination IPA and the Red Hook. Were they all nice and hoppy? I love LOVE the hops! If you guys come back to SR we are SOOOOO taking you to Russian River Brewing because they have the TASTIEST brews!!

FatDad said...

Whats 'up' with the shorts? haha
Way to wrap up 2008. I can't wait to see what's cooking for '09. I have some guesses...