Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Sponsors and getting a beat down!

Wow... this week has been tough. Work has been crazy and I am back in the pool (ok, once so far) and back on the bike with some structure, but still keeping it pretty mellow. It's crazy how not being in the pool and not riding hard for couple of weeks can set you back. Don't get me wrong "it's" still there but it's hiding somewhere.... hopefully. It's just been kicking my butt.

After hitting the trails with Trevor on Tuesday morning, and getting dropped on every climb, I was worked. But that's exactly where I should be right now. In years past I was afraid to let my fitness on the bike and swim slip... at all. This year I think I have been better and I will ease back into things and really look to start focused training in January in hopes of a strong spring/summer/fall of racing. So for the next couple of weeks I will continue to ramp up my running volume and get in a couple of swim and bike sessions just to maintain the feel and be ready to nail it in 2009.

I have locked up a couple more sponsors for 2009 and am pretty stoked.

First is Skinfit USA. They my make the best athletic apparel I have ever used and am stoked (thanks to Trevor) to even have access to this stuff. For the last 3 years when I was in Maui for Xterra Worlds I would always see a lot of international athletes rocking the Skinfit gear... now I will be too. Check out their online store for more info.

I will also be working with 53x11 coffee. I have been ordering my fair share of coffee from them over the last couple years and their program is pretty killer. If you guys buy some coffee after clicking on a link on my site (on the right hand side or any link I post) it will help me build credit and hopefully I can use that to help fund some travel to races. It's not getting any cheaper... time are tough!

Beth I will be packing our bags once again and heading to Las Vegas for the marathon. It's going to be a fun. I will be running the half on Sunday morning as well. After the race we will be meeting up with Fatdad and Gunner and hitting up the Burger Bar. I can't wait.


Luke said...

ok...when you buy coffee use my link and vice versa...lol! just kiddin. anyway, right on dude...and kill it this weekend. i am super curious how fast you are going to run this thing...do i smell a little redemption?

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Dude your sponsor-base just keeps growing and growing! Even most serious pros aren't having as many sponsors as you so your dedication shows and pays off!
Have fun on the half, don't hurt yourself and support Beth for a killer run (at least to beat Fatdad :P

Dan said...

Congrats on the sponsorships.

I think it was the CHiPs picture of you and Trevor at Fletcher Cove that sealed the deal!


Have fun in Vegas.

FatDad said...

Hey Walsh, when are you going to retire and race fulltime? That sponsor list is lookin flush! Keep laying the smack down.
You've got to send some of that SkinFit action up north for Gunner and I to rep here in Canada!

Jamie said...

That is awsome JDub. Congrats on the sponsors!

Sarah said...

I LOVE coffee. I will totally be happy to support you and buy coffee through your link.

Congrats on all the support/sponsorship!

You and Beth inspire me. You guys are awesome and you're going to have a KILLER time this weekend!!


Maggs said...

Congrats on the sponsors. Good luck this weekend!

XTERRA 29er said...

Good luck this weekend. I just got some PB2 today and gave you props on my blog. I have to check out your sponsors now.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

dude! you need to take Macca down in the half-marathon :)

j.p. patrick said...

I want a picture of you running stride for stride with Macca!! THAT would be a great header photo! Have fun in the race and a great weekend, dude!