Sunday, April 26, 2009

just another busy weekend....

sometimes it blows me away with all that we fit into a weekend. it's no wonder monday's are always so rough. weekends wear me out!

training this week was kind of up and down, hit or miss, just not that great. the race at sea otter really took a lot out of me and took me longer than to recover from than expected. i blew off a couple of workouts later in the week and ended up feeling pretty good by the weekend and got in some really good sessions.

on friday i got fit on the new yeti. it was the first time I have ever had a "real" fit on any of my mountain bikes. dean analyzed my pedal stroke and used the retul system to dial me in. we were able to make some changes that will give me more power, be more comfortable and ultimately faster. if you are in the area i high recommend getting into to see him and getting dialed in. check out his website: PedPowerPerfom Lab.

here are some photos from the session.

Friday evening after beth finished trainer session and I napped we headed down to Beachside for Molly's b-day. good times, good beers, and a good crew. we didn't stay out too late because we both had pretty workouts lined up for saturday morning.

i headed out to mission trails to meet up with trevor and lesley. both of them are racing on the pro side of things in this years Xterra cup series. so needless to say i was ready to throwdown and take my medicine. we hit the trails on our bikes and rode out to a 5 mile loop. we rode one lap as a warm-up and learn the course and then nailed 3 laps at race pace with a 5 min easy spin in between. hard stuff. each lap took about +/- 30 min and included some tough power climbs and quite a bit of technical descending. i totally blew up in the middle of the third lap but rallied on to finish strong. trevor and lesley were killing it!

lap profile.

we rode back to our cars and changed into our running gear... yes I did a transition run off the bike. it may be the first one I have done since xterra worlds last year! the run started out tough as we went straight into 20 minutes of a hard tempo, but my legs quickly came around and I was able to finish strong. great workouts.

satruday's workouts were great but the highlight of the day was heading out to the Green Flash Brewery with beth. green flash west coast IPA is my favorite beer and the brewery is only 7.2 miles from my house... and I had never been! so we decided to check it out and it was good time. we tasted all their beers and i go a growler of their imperial IPA. i'll add more photos and details on my beer blog later in the week. i can't wait to go back.

i wonder if they are hiring?

beer... she loves it!

all stocked up.

sunday was an early one. i was up early to drop beth off at the start of the La Jolla half marathon and then I drove the finish. i brought my bike and planned on riding back towards the start and catch beth on course as much as possible. i met up with katya and we finally saw beth at the top of the torrey pines climb and she was killing and was in 2nd place. i rode a head and cheered her on at various locations. it was rad and she ended up as the second place woman overall for women. she's awesome.

chillen with the champ.

so i got in some bonus riding and then after waiting WAY too long for the awards we headed home and i was tired but i headed straight out the door for my long run. i ran a new route through encinitas ranch and ended up feeling great and stoked i got it done considering i was on the verge of bagging it.

long run.

so even though the week was tough the weekend was awesome and I am getting pretty excited about the Idyllwild Spring Challenge this weekend. I can't wait to race on the new bike.

training stats for last week.

Training Time: 15:49
Road bike distance: 82.4
MTB distance: 39.51
run distance: 41.82
strength/core sessions: 2


Pantheon said...

ahhhh... glad to see YETI back again. Road Racers anyone? Killer Bikes!

Luke said...

right on bro! can't wait to see how you do on that new rig!

Ryan Weeger said...

hell yeah best post flash and yeti photos. doesnt get much better! drop the t-run talk and it would have been 100% perfect ;) haha

Pedal Circles said...

Nice! Looks like a killer weekend.

j.p. patrick said...

I love that after EVERYTHING you did this weekend and all the hard training.... the best part for you was the brewery w/ FW!! Awesome balance!

Benson said...

Beautiful new bike dude.
Nice new pic on your header.
Dude, you are rocking the training sessions. Good numbers.

Beer is sooooooo goooooood.

Beth is sooooooo goooooood.

Zach said...

Good luck this weekend - the new ride looks sweet.

Slater Fletcher said...

What size is that ARC? I had a Epic before I went 29 and was looking at the ARC too...Tried the ASR-SL but never the ARC...Looks nice!

Kurt P. said...

finally some shoes in teh right color too!

Good on ya JW.

See you in July?

Rachel said...

I know what you mean about the weekends. I sometimes need to take Mondays off just because I obliterate myself! Congrats on Sea Otter (I want to go for fun one year and watch) and your new Yeti. Congrats to Beth about LJHM!!!