Friday, April 10, 2009

more riding and running...nothing new.

I back to some hard workouts this week and really looking forward to Sea Otter. I am really stoked on mountain bike racing right now and the new US MTB Cup Series. They are really doing a great job on putting together awesome races and so far vibe at the races and between the guys I have been racing against has been rad. It's making things tough for me though... I want to ride... and run... a lot!

There is no way to really compete against all the guys I a racing bikes against with all the running I do. These guys pretty much just ride bikes and are strong. I am pretty sure that if I dialed back my running, trained a bit less that I could probably finish a couple places higher or at least just be flat out faster on the bike.... but I LOVE running. So I am bit conflicted when it comes to training... and racing focus. Nothing new.

So over the next couple of weeks I am going to continue to alternate weeks of high and low volumes of running and see how things go. After dialing back the running mileage last week (still 28.8 miles which was too much heading into the race) I am going to put in just over 40 miles this week and then cut way back next week... maybe 12 miles. Next week is all about the bike and Sea Otter. I will be doing my first road race up there on Friday afternoon and then the XC MTB (part of the US MTB Cup Series) on Sunday. The following week I will bump the running back up and then cut back again before the Idyllwild Spring Challenge (A Race). I know it's a crazy schedule, but it's all an experiment.

I am really having fun planning my own training and trying new things and strategies this year. I have been receiving tons of good advice from all my knowledgeable friends (trevor, jim, cody) but am still kind of winging it. We'll see how things turn out.... really soon.

One very important thing that's happened this week is that the 2009 baseball season has started and I went to the Padres home opener on Monday. They played bad and lost, but I am so stoked baseball season is underway.

i hate the dodgers!

opening day crew. jim, me, bill.


Training has been good this week with a solid meduim-long run on Monday before the game and then some mellow riding and running on tuesday. Wedenesday was a tough. Intervals on the mtb in the morning and the lululemon run after work. The wednesday nights runs are getting faster and the crew is getting bigger... and I hope of these trends continue throughout the summer.

that's it. have a good weekend.


jaakko said...

having fun doing things is the best way!

I'm so waiting to get on the lululemon wednesday runs too :D

Carolina John said...

i'm so stoked about baseball season. lucky bitch, you live near your favorite team. i'm a huge mets fan, but living in SC have never been to a mets game. i will go to atlanta to see them play the braves though.

good luck setting up your own training plan. i set mine up earlier in the year, and would be glad to share if it would help.

GZ said...


SixTwoThree said...

LOVE that opening day shot with the streamers. Americana at its finest. I'm going to the Red Sox/Angels game tomorrow. Tell me, are those Lulumon runs really that tough? I mean the view is pretty awesome right? Have a great weekend Walsh crew!

Matt said...

Go Pads!

I hit-up this little joint before the game. $2 beers, $6 22oz Arrogant Bastards. Or espresso!

Keep up the good work dude.