Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week of 4.6.2009 - recap

view from sunday's ride. socal is good.

This week was all about putting a lot of quality training both riding and running. I logged some pretty good workouts with some added intensity. I still can't get over how hard we ran on the Wednesday night Lululemon run... i have a feeling it's going to turn into a "wednesday night worlds"type run as we get into summer which should make if fun and great for training (suffering).

Saturday was just about a perfect day... except for the fact that I had work, but I killed that part of the day too. So I was up 5am to get in 12 hilly miles on the trails and then headed into work.

run profiile.

When I got home Beth has set up movie time in the living room. While she showered, after a strong 18 mile run, I took a hardcore nap. I woke we chilled, snacked, and watched Twilight (not that big of a fan... vampires love baseball... really?).

After the movie Beth went to run some errands and I hit the road for an easy spin on the coast before dinner. Then there was dinner... and I am going to call it epic. We has a crew of 12 at Rimel's in Cardiff. Awesome, healthy food and wine. I wish I had some photos... next time, which will likely be in the next couple of days... it was that good!

I was actually able to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning and then hit my local trails with Ryan for some "hard" riding. I have decided i need to incorporate some harder riding into my longer rides instead of just going through the motions and putting in the time... and today that's what we did. I have put together a solid loop on my local trails. It's 6.82 miles with about 1500ft of climbing. It has it all. It starts with a 10+ min semi technical single track climb, then some rollers and climbing, then a fast technical single track descent, into a 10+ min fireroad climb, and then one more long single track descent to finish. It's perfect and will now be the standard.

the lap profile.

we did 2 laps today and both of them were right around 43 minutes. solid effort that will be repeated often.

finishing my second lap.

After the intervals added some more endurance paced riding and a lot more climbing. One of the best long rides I have been on in while.

totals for the ride: 3:15, 32 miles, and 5000+ ft of climbing. solid!

more views from the ride.

ryan finishing the final climb.

One thing I noticed on my ride with the Ryan is getting faster/stronger on the bike. We have been riding together for the past couple of months and I have been helping with his training... and it's working. I am stoked him... and me... it's good have somebody out there pushing me and it also is pretty gratifying to see somebody you are coaching (or just helping out in this case) improve.

that's it... it's a short week coming up for me. we're leaving for Sea Otter thursday afternoon. Trevor rode the course yesterday and said it's in good shape. I am really looking forward to racing against what I am sure will be a strong fast field.

training totals for the week.
time: 17:18
bike distance: 86.46 miles
run distance: 43.07 miles
mtb distance: 46.7 miles
strength/core: 2 sessions


beth said...

sorry i made you watch Twighlight (but i liked it! sexy vampires!)

Justin said...

dude.. you've been putting in serious training time! i would be willing to bet that your sea otter performance is going to be off the hook!

can't wait!

alfie said...

Hey Bro, where exactly are those trails your hitting? I'd like to give them a go! Ah man, I hear girl made me sit through that same flick, "vampires that glitter"...WTF? Aren't they supposed to disintegrate when exposed to light?

Ryan Weeger said...

Your help is a huge reason why I'm improving, and the dope weekend rides we get in are definitely just getting better and better. Here we come Sea Otter.

Stephanie said...

I will leave you with a comment Jake made to me a few weeks back. "So I rented Twilight last night because apparently I am a 12 year old girl."

Matt said...

dude the twittering is kinda hilarious. i dig the check me out aspect and is that really lance checking you out? classic.

Greenflash = insomnia?
Is it the 17+ hours?

Dude you are killing it.

Ryan Denner said...


Dude, once I get RAAM specific [after WF], we need to thrown down.