Monday, September 28, 2009

moving sucks...

there is no way around it. moving sucks. it totally worked me but the reward is well worth because i love our new place... and my new tv.

christmas in september!

i took thursday and friday off work to get things going and am glad i did. trying to manage all we had going on was hard enough without having to deal with work. for the first time in my life i hired movers and it may be some of the best money i have ever spent. it took them 4.5 hours to load up everything at our old place and then move it into the new one. if i would have done with on my own, with friends and beth it would have taken 12.

on saturday afternoon beth headed up to the oc with a crew of fast ladies (colleen & kristin) to race in the OC Triathlon. it's a killer race and i wish i could have gone up too but i wanted to knock out a bunch stuff at the new place... and watch the bolts game on my new tv. beth had a great race and came home stoked and tired... but then rallied and went on an unpacking, organizing mission while i cheered the bolts to victory and then took a well deserved nap.

beth running... and running well. so stoked she is healthy. can't wait to see what she does at soma in a month.

we are still in the unpacking process but things are coming around. our new neighbors are rad and neighborhood is killer.

now for the more interesting information... training and racing. over the course of the move i was able to get out on some rides and runs and have just been winging it since the races the last week. the back to back days of racing in the heat shelled me. i really didn't start coming around until friday and then the moving just me back down.

on the start line of the CX race last weekend... wondering what the hell i had gotten myself into.

as of right now i have decided to pull out of the 50 mile race next weekend but it's for the best. inititally i thought the race would be fun because a lot of friends (ryan, luke, justin, allison to name a few) were all going to race. i figured it would be a rad way to end the season and knock down some post ride/race beers with cool people. since then, and for various reasons, i am the only one signed up. with the unification race on 9/20 and then the california state championship race at big bear this past sunday i am figuring most people are raced out and the field will probably pretty small. racing a 20+ mile XC race with a small field is one thing, but a 50 mile sufferfest in the heat is another... just doesn't sound like fun... and it's october and football season... so fun takes precedence.

going through the start finish last weekend.

so instead of driving out to temecula for the race and having to prep everything to race i am just going to ride long with beth. she has a long ride planned for saturday in prep for the soma half and it's been too long since we have done a long ride together.... sounds way more fun than the 50 miler. i still will be racing next weekend though... on sunday i will be doing a cyclocross race up at irvine lake. really looking forward to throwing down again.


Ryan Weeger said...

The new TV looks rad. You gotta be stoked to be watching many Charger wins on that thing in the future...maybe not pads wins though...haha. Smart call on the movers too.

Adam said...

Commning out of lurker status to say - NICE TV!

Gosh, if every time I moved I got a new TV it wouldn't be so bad. Normally? Suck.

Nice work on your racing this season. I've enjoyed all of the pictures.

Pedal Circles said...

Slay 'em next Sunday!

Glad the moving is mostly done and looks like the TV/Bolts/beer afternoon worked out well! I listened to the last 5 or so mins of the game as I drove down from BB. Wish I would've caught the Weddle int!

Matt said...

Glad you've arrived and the TV looks nice! I like your priorities with the racing, etc. It's not like you don't race. . .

Beers soon!

runninggunner said...

Sweet looking TV. Planning my first CX race this weekend. Looking forward to it.

Carolina John said...

you're not kidding, movers are the best money you can spend at that time. i'm calling my guys now for my move to raleigh.