Thursday, September 17, 2009

off to the races...

my new cross bike. thanks gordon.

moving sucks... there is no way around it. beth and i have been spending our evenings on our makeshift couch made out of pillows & blankets on the floor and watching our sweet 13" flat screen. don't get me wrong... i am glad we sold a much of our crap but i can't wait to be settled in our new place with my brand new, epic 47" LCD HDTV and our new couch.

on monday i headed up to the OC to watch the bolts on monday night football and ryan's place. he has a real tv.

we watched the chargers barely get past the raiders, drank some good beers, and ryan made some killer yellowfin tuna tacos. the game was about what i expected week 1 from the bolts. they always start slow and a win is a win... and i'll take it.

celebrating the kickoff of the chargers season with one of the best san diego beers out there.

luckily we are getting away again this weekend. saturday morning we will be heading up to Bonelli Park in San Dimas for a weekend of racing. on saturday i will be doing my first cyclocross race and i can't wait. i am contemplating doing to the catergory 3/4 race and then also jumping in to the 1/2/3 race 30 minutes later. we'll see how the day and first race plays out.

cross race course. i don't even know what to think about this or what to expect.

on sunday beth and i will both be racing in the US Cup Unification Race at the same venue. Bonelli park is the the same place first US Cup race of the season was held and i was able to some how pull off a 4th in my category without really even knowing what i was doing. i have raced a lot of XC MTB races this year and can't wait to get out there knock heads with guys that i have become friends with over the year. it's going to be fun... and hard... which is the exact reason why i love racing my bike so much.

i also can't wait to see what beth can do. she raced a few mtb races over the summer and has definitely done well, but hopefully she be racing the some good competition that will push her. gordon also just finished a major overhaul on her bike and dropped over 5lbs. it will be fun to watch her get after it.

race, moving, and bolts reports next week.


Carolina John said...

i know you're fast and all, but i would be a bit cautious before diving into two cross races headfirst. try one to see if you like it.

moving does suck. i'm about to move 5 hours away and dreading every minute of it.

i got to see phillip rivers play a bunch while he was in college. boy's getting paid now, but man he's always had a sweet sweet arm.

Ryan Weeger said...

how do I know youre going to win this weekend? race prep of suffering through a move/no furniture/20" tv...basically youre like rocky training for the russian in the snow in russia. #1!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

have good races! good luck and legs

Matt said...

Nice bike. I like the dirt and twigs juxtaposed with the BLACK.

Nice beer. That's my favorite beer.

Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

hey are you running those ksyrium elites tubeless? if so do you use rim tape only or also a stan's strip? I have those same rims and thinking about trying tubeless with them

MJ said...

I suspect you're going to be pretty deadly at the cross racing....

If it were me (and let's be clear it definitely isn't) I'd focus on the 1/2/3 race and put all my effort into that... you don't want to hurt your chances to win/place by riding earlier with the 3/4's.

The double would be epic too tho... Eager to see the results...

Good luck!

Slater Fletcher said...

You are going to CRUSH it in the cross races!

This is why you are my hero. You are a gifted runner and you started this season racing bikes in the dirt...Getting left behind at the starts, crashing, trying to figure it out. By the end of the year you are winning these XC races! Winning the series at RimNordic.

Cross is just starting... I would love to see you take the win on Sunday and I know you can do it.

Monique and I will be there taking pics so let me know if you and Beth need some bottle help.

IAN said...

There are not many things in life I harbor as much burning hatred for as I do for moving.

Congrats on the new place though.

J.P. Patrick said...

Damn dude! How many bikes are you at now?!! Is this the reason for the move? More space for whips!

I bought you a bunch of good Colorado IPA's including the Breckenridge 471 Small Batch Double IPA. Be on the look out for the UPS man. He'll be bearing gifts!