Monday, September 14, 2009

working... worked.

kind of a boring post... just an update.

a lot of work done last week.... at work, on the bike, and getting ready to move in a couple of weeks.

I am beat... yesterday (sunday) afternoon and i was sitting on the floor in my living room watching football on a 20" tv and passed out at 8pm for the night.

the riding this week and weekend definitely took its toll, but beth and I have also been super buys getting ready to move. so we have been packing, selling stuff on craigslist, giving tons of stuff to goodwill, and just finished up with a very successful garage sale. that's why i was sitting on the floor watching a very small tv. we have pretty much sold everything and are buying all new stuff when we move. it's a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

where i will be sitting while watching tv, using my computer, and eating. no more furniture. stoked?

from training perspective things continue to go well... and it's time to rest with some racing coming up next weekend. i picked up my brand new cross bike on tuesday and gordon totally hooked it up. my first ride on it was wednesday and it was killer... so much fun. i will be doing my first "cross" race on saturday and backing that up with the US MTB Cup Unitifcation race on sunday. It's gonna be a tough weekend of racing... and i'm ready.

on saturday i was up early to head to down to Fiesta Island to race the TTT with the B&L team. unfortunately we only go to do about a quarter of lap. a rider on one of the teams ahead of us went down... hard. it was not pretty when we rolled up on the scene just as the paramedics and firetruck rolled up blocking the road. we stopped and let the EMT's do what they do. what blew me away is that some of the cyclists from other teams were yelling at the firemen and EMT's to move their vehicles so they could race... seriously? the guy down was in very bad shape and the furthest thing from my mind was the race... or actually continuing. i couldn't believe people were more concerned with their race than the riders well-being. disturbing. we just spun back to the the start while other teams continied to hammer past us. by the time we got back to the start line the race had been stopped. good call.

since the TTT was canned i headed home and got out for some intervals and climbing on the mtb. a very solid ride and good prep for the up coming races.

after knocking out the ride and getting ryan to help me carry all my heavy furniture down into the garage (harder than riding for sure) we headed downtown. trevor had a rooftop party. we watched the pads get a win, ate some killer food, drank plenty of good beers, and had a great time!

sunday morning came around pretty quick, but i was up early to help ryan load stuff in his truck, before heading for 3 hours on the road. i felt pretty good and then got home and right to work on the garage. i was shelled when it was over at 3pm and finally got sit down have a beer, and watch some football. i was so tired that i at dinner and passed out on the living room floor at 8pm. beth had to wake me up and tell me to go to bed.

now it's monday and i am feeling good... i am still kind of tired but am just stoked for what goes down at 7:15pm tonight! the bolts kick off the season on Monday Night Football. I will be cruising to the OC to watch the game at ryans. can't wait!


GZ said...

Every time you post a shot of those SD seats I shake my head. Particularly when the Rox lose that game.

Matt said...

Super bummed about Saturday. You guys must feel stoked to be rid of all that stuff. It's therapy, especially when you know you're getting a few new items you really like!

Keeper rollin, homey.

And go Bolts!

Stephanie said...


FatDad said...

I'm with GZ: those roof top shots kill me. Congrats on the new pad. Sounds sweet.