Monday, November 16, 2009

more of the same: riding and good times....

nothing new on the "training" front. i rode my bikes a lot this week, including 3 group rides. getting out with the groups and pushing the pace/intensity has been my only "plan". good workout without having to think. just ride hard, attack, and stay at the front as much as possible.

on saturday, before heading out to temecula for ryan and sarah's wedding, i hit the saturday swami's ride. it's been a couple of years since i have gone on this ride. back in the day (2+ years ago) I couldn't hang on this ride and would get shot out the back as soon as we hit elfin. my plan was to just get a feel and see if the ride i want to incorporate into future traing.

well... the ride was rad and super hard. there was a really big group and the pace lifted pretty quick with a bunch of fast dudes leading us out. once we hit elfin i went to the front and worked my butt off. i even made one break away and was able to get away for a bit off the front. after regrouping at the church i was feeling it and pulled a lot of the way home down del dios.

very solid ride and some of the hardest riding i have ever done on the road or in a race. it will definitely be in the future training plan when it comes to start working on race speed/intensity. i need to make sure not hit it too much over the winter. it's pretty intense. i

i was pretty shelled when i get home but made an epic breakkie before hitting the couch.
veggie/egg scramble. (eggs, bacon, kale, sweet pots, broc, onions, peppers, mushrooms)

then we headed out to temecula for the wedding. good times. i am stoked for ryan and sarah. they are perfect for each other.

me and the future wife. we're next.

sunday was just about perfect. i woke up with no plans, had some epic 53x11 coffee, and then headed out to PQ canyon with beth. we just cruised around and had fun riding bikes. nothing hard... perfect weather too.

not lost.

she loves the internet!

then we headed home and while beth got her P90X on and i did my own strength work. then it was all about the bolts. we had some friends over, some good beers, and fired up the grill. the bolts got the win (there was never any doubt in my mind) and the icing on the cake was the broncos losing to the skins. next sunday's game is going to be huge.

i am looking forward to another fun week of riding and racing next sunday. the race is in ventura and is the 2009 SCNCA District Championships as well as race #12 of the SCPS.

I am also starting the strength program at Rehab United that I am very stoked about. time to get yoked! if you are interested in checking these classes out come checking it out and check the link for more info.
Rehab United Strenght Class

time to hit the road... it's only 45 degrees. it's going to be cold!


GZ said...

Dig the header photo. And the green tie. 45 ain't cold. It is already up to 22 here this AM.

Live it man.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

dude, continue training like that and Lance will pick you to ride for him in TOC! :)

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

dude, continue training like that and Lance will pick you to ride for him in TOC! :)

Rachel said...

Just dropping by and catching up. Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the nice work!

Slater Fletcher said...

right on James. Keep it going dude!

New blog setup looks SICK!

Katya said...

you guys ARE doing ride & tie Thanksgiving day, right? Can't imagine a better team than you two. btw, what's this i hear about you wanting to watch the Bolts more than a video of me running on the treadmill?!? unbelievable ; )

Matt said...

wow, it's official: triathlon out.
what about the off-road running?
It's like you got kidnapped by the bike, but it's all good.

can't say it's all that good for the broncos. Go bolts!