Monday, November 30, 2009

My Thanksgiving weekend 2009

so it seems everybody does a thanksgiving post. so here's mine.

Thanksgiving is HANDS DOWN my favorite holiday. don't get me wrong i love xmas too but everything gets complicated and expensive when presents/gifts come into the mix. i would rather just celebrate with less superficial things. to me it's all about the F's: Family, Food, & Fun... and that's exactly what started going down on wednesday leading into the t-day.

i am pretty much let the photos tell most of went down.

beth had the week off so we were able to get in some mellow riding.

wednesday night i set up a happy hour at the newly (re)opened Encinitas Ale House. good times.

this could be my new favorite photo of all time. it's my new background on my computer. and yes... she was definitely paying for this in the morning.

thursday beth and i hosted our first thanksgiving. i got up early to ride with Dan on a perfect day and then headed home to prep some food. my sister, aunt, and uncle all came over for an epic feast.
view from my t-day ride. don't hate!


fridayi rode long (and it shelled me!) and beth's friends put together a "rolling" bachelorette party for her. they're awesome. i hung at home and made some killer left overs!

the rest of the weekend was spent riding and relaxing.

on saturday i woke up to rain... and stoked. the long ride (70+ miles) on friday worked me. so i got up had a couple too many cups of coffee and then just went on a short cruise on the CX bike. i love getting out and riding in the "weather" since I rarely get to do it. nothing like riding in the rain and 20-20mph winds. then from about 10am to 10pm i sat on the couch watching college football. great day.

saturday night sunset. actually some clouds. rare.

on sunday ryan came down and we hit the trails pretty early.

view from the ride. does it get any better in november... anywhere?

we had originally planned on going to bolts game (i had some free tickets) but opted to just watch it at home. I mean that's why I bought my killer HDTV and the beer and food selection at my house kills anything you can get at the stadium. is it really worth paying $10 for a bud light when you have some Pliny the Elder in the fridge? the game was rad, we grilled up some carne asada, and more friends came over to watch the bolts kills the chiefs. 8-3 and looking good.

that's it... today is monday 11/30.... traing officially started my 2010 campaign, but more on that later.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

glad to see your crash didn't apparently cause any further damage!

can't wait to hear 'bout your plans for 2010!

those pics make me envy and miss California! about 35 degrees (F) and raining for the last couple months here!

IAN said...

Solid weekend. Much better than getting stuck in Rainbow waiting out the hail

Matt said...

That was nice of me to take those pictures of ya'll at the ale house. . .where were you?

Good times. And I agree, Thnxgiving by far the best holiday.

Bolts are looking tuffffff.

Ryan Weeger said...

hell yeah dude, the bolts wont lose another game this season. super bowl champs!!!