Monday, November 02, 2009

Storm the Beach Race Report

a lot of good stuff going on last week leading up to the Storm the Beach race on sunday. i am starting to get some awesome sponsorship stuff lined up for next year and am really stoked about it. i also got in some good riding... in the cold. the seasons are definitely changing... even here in socal. i know it doesn't compare to the dumping of snow colorado got last week but getting on the bike out here in the mornings when it's below 45 is tough. i am stoked on the gear i have though. the skinfit base layers are money!

Storm the Beach.

first of all my bike was dialed in for the race. i dropped it off at B&L last week and Gordon did his magic. my bike came out of the shop looking fast. we put some new tires on my 404's, swapped the stem, bars, seatpost, and saddle.... this definitely lightened up the bike a bit.

ryan and i showed up early on sunday (630am) to work the gate. storm the beach is put on by our club, Celo Pacific, so everybody had a job to do as well as race. it made for a long day for sure but it was a lot of fun.

my race was delayed a bit so my warm-up was mis-timed a bit but once we got on the start line i was ready to go.

the weather and course were in perfect conditions and i was really looking forward to hammering and going for the win but definitely wanted to race smarter than I did in Long Beach a couple of weeks ago.

i got a call up again because I am still in 2nd place even after missing the race the week before which was key. the start line was only wide enough for 4 riders and getting a good position was key. right off the gun 2 guys took off and a group of 5+ started to chase them down over the fast fireroads. we all came together as we hit the run to the beach and couple of guys went to the front and i just sat in. i made a move and got to the front up the long run up and took lead, but not by much and then blew it when I mis-shifted and dropped my chain in a loose sandy corner. I got back on pretty quickly and then hammered back to the front.

on lap two 5 of us worked together on the fireroads to got a solid gap on the rest of the field. i took a couple of pulls but definitely let the others guys share the load. right before we hit the run to the beach i made a move and got a gap and extended it while running through the sand, hammering on the beach, and then going really hard up the run-up. this gave me a solid lead heading into the 3rd of 5 laps.

hammering solo on the beach.

i continued to ride hard and really push it on the running sections and my lead got bigger with each lap. the course defintely suited my strenghts with the long sandy running sections, fireroads, and lack of tight, technical corners. I was able to hold on for the win and was super stoked.

recovery drink within 5 minutes of crossing the line.

podium on the beach

my kind of prizes. beers and pint glasses!

not so tough post race posedown.

it was rad to take the win on a course close to home with a lot of friends out there cheering... and heckling!

after my race... and grabbing a beer from the keg we hung around to watch the elite 1/2/3 race and watch Brent go for his 100th win. he made a killer move near the end of race and blew everybody away... it was SICK! I am stoked for Brent. He's a fast, humble guy and I am glad i have the oppurtunity to race on the same team as him and pick his brain.

brent dropping the hammer.

crossing the line!

Brandon also had a killer race taking 5th in the single speed 1/2/3 race. he derfinitely left it all out there.

this is one the best races i have ever been apart of... ever! from my teammates on Celo Pacific, the course, my win, the weather, the post race beers, having beth there cheering me on, and watching all my friends race it was just an awesome day.

as always... after a win... i had a great beer in the 22oz "victory" mug!

so another race in the books. i think i am going to be heading up to bakersfield to race again this weekend and hopefully move into first place in the series.


Luke said...

they give you beer and pint glasses?!

thats all it woulda took for me to take up cyclocross!

looks like a blast bro! congrats!

Matt said...

Looks like a bad time out there.
You are following your bliss, dude.
Get it, dog!

runninggunner said...

Great race! That sandy part looks pretty bad ass.

The 404's look hardcore on the cross bike.

Good luck on getting into first.

J.P. Patrick said...

The pic of you racing along the beach is awesome! That looks so much fun, I can't even stand it! Next year I'm racing cross! Congrats....again!

Gordon said...

Awesome Job James! That was an impressive win. When were you planning to drive up to Bakersfield? Doing both races?

FatDad said...

Nice recovery drink...

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

loistavaa! sä oot ÄIJÄ! :)

(dude, you're awesome if translation is needed :)

Toby Guillette said...

Sick report! That photo of you riding on the beach with the sun behind is so dope. Keep having fun and going fast!

Carolina John said...

it gets cold in socal? geez, it hasn't even gotten cold here yet.

Great win, james. well done buddy.

Kurt P. said...

dude you are bit by the bug! I did my first ever CX race at Hart Park in lovely Bakersfield in 1994! about 200 races in and I am still just as amped.

2010...make a trip to the east and race some real courses and comp amigo!

Ryan Denner said...

does winning ever get old? damn dog, well done (again).

IAN said...

Nice work bro. I would be an absolute disaster in a cross race. Don't know how you do it. Severely jealous of your bike handling skills.

beth said...

you love cross!!!!

lukejay said...

sicktor scale: 10
now that you are hooked on cross (told you!) and you got the carbon wheels you are killing all the cat 3-4 dudes...time to race elite right?