Monday, January 18, 2010

a good couple of weeks...

yesterday i finished up what was probably the best 2 weeks of training i have ever done on the bike. i got in a a lot of quality workouts and the balance with recovery was on the money. I got in some big days in the mountains with friends, some strength interval sessions (ILT's, big gear climbing), plenty base miles, and also 4 (2 ea week) functional strength workouts at Rehab United. I am just following the plan cody has set out for me and things are rolling... they way it should be.

the classes at Rehab United are really going to make a difference. I have never worked so hard in the gym. it's not your standard strength workouts. it's sport specific and a bunch of exercises i have never done before or even thought of doing. the class wrecks me. during last thursdays workout i really thought i wasn't going to be able to finish, but brandon and brian motivated me and we knocked it out... and i was crushed (in a good way).

the first mtb race of the season is 2/28 and if i can keep things rolling the way they are right i should be ready to go.

the highlight of the weekend (definitely not the bolts game, so disappointed) was getting up into the Santa Ana's for a lot of climbing in the dirt. Ryan and i met up early and knocked out a sick route. there is so much riding up there and route options that you never have to do that same thing twice. i felt pretty good considering the big gear work i did the day before and it was a perfect day.

ride snacks. trying to stick to "real" food on my long rides. trail mix & dried mango slices

come see me!
3:57, 35 miles, 6959 ft of UP!

on another note... beth was in AZ for the weekend and made a list minute decision to jump into the Rock N Roll half marathon in phoenix.... and she pr'd.
her training is going well and i think i am getting more excited for her Ironman in may than she it!

week summary.


Ryan Denner said...

Do you really climb 25,000 ft a week consistently? DAMN.

Tawnee said...

Dude, gnarly!

What program do you use for all you stats? Looks very legit.

FatDad said...

Solid. How did the mango slices work out?