Monday, January 25, 2010

Recovery week... kind of...

the weather this past was as gnarly i have seen since moving back to socal in 2003. it rained monday-friday with gnarly wind, thunderstorms, and even some hail. I just saw on the news that encinitas got 5.51 inches of rain. people were acting like it was the end of the world. i actually like the rain and while it's not a good thing when it comes to riding/training you just gotta deal with it and do what you can... and not stress.

so when i saw the forecast last weekend i talked with cody and we decided to make this week a recovery and not try to force anything.... just get on the bike as much as i could when the weather permitted... and maybe get on the trainer (hopefully not!).

I am very stoked to say that I was able to get on the bike everyday last week... and all outside. I heard everybody talking about trainer sessions or bagging workouts but I rode my cross bike in the rain, wind, and mud and had a blast. getting the cross bike was the best purchase i have ever made cycling wise. if i didn't have that bike i of have had to resort to the trainer (nightmare!). I also got on the mountain on tuesday before the gnarlier storms came our way.

some rainy day photos

then the weekend came and the rain tapered off. beth parent's, my in-laws (stoked just typing that) came into town for a quick visit. on friday and the wife and I threw a little post-wedding, pre-birthday party at Wine Steals in Cardiff. we wanted to party with all of our local friends who we have loved to have come to our wedding but the travel and holidays made it pretty tough. the party was mega fun. friends, family, good wine and food... perfect.

the ladies

the family

on saturday the weather finally cleared and i was ready to leave the cross bike in the garage and get on the road and pretty excited to ride with Dr. G... father-in-law. i spent the week putting my Orbea back together and getting it dialed in for him. so me and beth took him on a tour of north county and it was a good day on the bike. after 2+ hours they headed home and i hit the hills for a bit before heading home.

unfortunately the "in-laws" had to hit the road early sunday morning around 930 i hit the road with the wife... i actually tried to talk her out of riding to just lounge and watch football all day, but she's training for an Ironman, and eventhough it may be a longshot, i am willing to do everything i can to ensure me a Kona vacation in october. so i manned up and played sherpa for her 4 hour ride. after it was over i was glad she got me out there. it was a super nice day and good ending to the week.

as much as i like racing, riding hard, hitting the moutains and dirt with my friends on the weekends, i really enjoy the times on the road with beth. not many people get to share their passion for sports with their significant others... and i know i'm lucky. 4 hours of good times and ending with coffee is the perfect sunday to me.

beth reaching into her bag-O-snacks

so yeah... it was suppose to be a recovery week but some how i ended up with 22+ hours of training time and 277+ miles of riding... sorry cody... just doing what i can.


GZ said...

22 hours = recovery week.


I love the mix in with play, relationship time. Good stuff.

t-odd said...

You are a lucky guy! That rain looked wild.

BTW - love the new graphics. You would look so badass if you were bleeding or puking or something. Maybe next time.

beth said...

oh, you had to post a picture of me digging for food!!!

seriously babe, thanks for putting up with me on the road. i think we finally have it dialed in on how to "ride" together without straining the relationship..i had a blast with you both it!!!

Charisa said...

Sounds like it was a fun recovery week though :)

IAN said...

Nice work brother. You are an animal for getting out there every day. It was brutal out there.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

dude you're an animal!

you better make Beth get that ticket to Kona! see you there hopefully (if not before!) it's a much nicer race to be spectating at ;)

Ryan Denner said...

"22+ hours of training time and 277+ miles of riding... sorry cody... just doing what i can."

really dude? the only slacking was the 18,000 ft of elevation gain. weak!

.... yeah right.

thanks for the friday invite bro - good times for sure!

ps- the word verification is 'magic'