Sunday, January 10, 2010

Team Walsh in Full Effect!

we got back in town last weekend and eased back into normal life and training. then monday it was "ON" for both of us. beth's IM training is ramping up and so is my training. cody had the first specific interval workouts on my schedule since the end of the mountain bike race season last year in september. even though i was racing cross and riding a lot... that is all i was doing. just racing and riding... a lot!

i had a great, big week of training including two awesome strength sessions at Rehab United. I really want to focus on packing on some muscle and strength in the next two months before racing really gets rolling, because once it does there is going to be a lot of racing so i don't think i will have much time to work on building muscle... just trying to hang on to it is going to be hard enough.

i have also been trying some new things with my diet and nutrition, both pre and post workout and i really think i am making some progress. I have been working with the guys at Feed the Machine to really lock my pre and post workout supplementation, and also trying out some new during workout out nutrition that is working really well. i am going into workouts feeling great and recovering better than ever. if i can keep this up i think i can make some huge gains in the coming months.

the highlight of the week (training-wise) was definitely my saturday ride up in the Santa Ana's. I met up with Ryan and Luke and we got to work. we planned a killer route and the weather could not have been any better.

the ride:
4:42, 39.5 miles, 7795 ft. of climbing.

For me last week was pretty much a perfect week of training... in all aspects. If i can repeat this 2010 is going to be good one on the racing front.... i already know it's going to be rad year life-wise with my awesome wife and good friends!



runninggunner said...

Wow. That is a killer week.

Like how the earbud matches the glasses it's important.

t-odd said...

Are your bikes mating in that first picture? I mean I know you two are newlyweds and all but do you have to rub it in?

You guys must do a shit-load of laundry. That or your place smells like a high school wrestling locker room.

Ryan Weeger said...

HUGE hours!

Carolina John said...

that's a helluva week dude. keep it up and you will be unstoppable going through the rest of cross season.

Ryan Denner said...

bro... diggin the new header pic!

TATI said...

best of luck this season James! Congrats on the wedding- it looks/sounds like it was spectacular!

Sean Crichton said...

Man, Those are some sick hours! Congrats on the wedding and best of luck to you guys this year.