Tuesday, February 09, 2010

finding time... barely.

another weekend of "questionable" weather in so cal but i didn't let it keep me from logging some miles and completing the biggest training week (time-wise) i have ever done.  i kind of don't how it happened... it just did.  cody is definitely challenging me and i am really looking forward to getting through this next BIG week and then dropping the volume a bit.  i am itching to start doing some "hard" workouts and getting ready to race.

the hardest ride of the week wasn't my cross ride on saturday where i headed out and got in 3 hours in pouring rain and 20-30 mph winds, no, it was sunday's long road ride.  i met up with denner on sunday morning and the plan was for 5+ hours with plenty of climbing, but keeping it mellow.  the roads were still wet and there were still some lingering rain clouds but we charged anyway.

right before we hit the climb at lake wohlford it started to rain and the wind came up.  the rain didn't last too long but the temperature dropped and the wind beat us down the rest of the day.  on woods canyon rd i got chased by a huge pit bull but luckily i was on the road and able to out run him pretty easily.  all of this sounds pretty standard but when we hit lilac road is when things go interesting.

denner had never ridden out there and i told him we were taking lilac to 395 and didn't tell him that there was one turn we would have to make.  he wanted to hammer ahead and dropped into his aerobars and went for it.  when i hit the fork in the road i wasn't sure what to do because i didn't think he knew to make the turn.  so i stayed on lilac and into places i have never ridden before.  after plenty of miles i saw a sign that said "Paved Roads Ends in 300ft."  sweet.  in a couple of seconds was descending a dirt road and heading into the Pala indian reservation. at this point i knew denner had made the turn but it was too far to go back.  so i kept on.  i had a vague idea of where i was.  riding around the reservation was sketchy to say the least.  all dirt roads, no one around, and some wild dogs.  after a while i could the see the 76 and casino and new how to get home.... and then 2 big ass dogs came bolting up a driveway and were chasing me down.  i was freaking out... yealling and screaming while trying to accelerate up a dirt hill.  i thought for sure i was about to be mauled but they gave up chase just in time.

i finally made it to the 76 and took it all the way back to the coast, and then headed for home.  I ended the day with 90 miles in the bank and just stoked to not need rabies shots!

here's the route.  one i will never be taking again.

saturday beth and i will be doing the 80 for Haiti ride on in east county.  it's for a good cause, it's a killer route, and pretty much how you would expect us to spend a valentine's day weekend... and then the lil monster will be backing it up with the San Dieguito Half Marathon on Sunday.  the training she is putting in continues to blow me away and motivate me.

that's all for now... not much extra time right now but here's some random photos.

my "go to" meal.  veggie/egg scramble.  everything we have in the fridge with eggs.  i think this one had eggs, spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, niman ranch ham steak, sweet potatoes, turkey bacon, red peppers, and almond cheese. i usually eat with corn or brown rice tortillas.

i didn't take this photo.  beth must have. it's our fridge.... it's where we hang out.


Ryan Denner said...

hahahahahahahahha Yes! Good times bro.

I am envious of your fridge

Ryan Weeger said...

dude that mix-mash looks totally awesome! I love stuff like that.

J.P. Patrick said...

What is this....an episode of Cribs? Solid training, man! Gimme back my sriracha!

MarkyV said...

hey... that (veggie/eggs) was my dinner tonight! :)

runninggunner said...

Sounds like a crazy ride. Multiple dogs chasing you? I hope you enjoyed a beer after that one.

LB said...

oh so glad dogs didn't get you!!!

oh and by the way you'll show me that ride when I come to SoCal, I mean gotta show pitbulls some lion-love, no ;D

Anonymous said...

Hi James-

Next time, make the right turn where you guys split then make a left and go up the backside of Couser Canyon (short steep climb in that direction and nice descent). You can then take that to 76 to the coast or south on old 395 to San Luis Rey. More climbing.


IAN said...

Nothing like a couple of rabid dogs to motivate a few quick intervals! See you at San Dieguito

KevinD said...

Upside down Nutzo?! Noooo!!!!!