Friday, February 26, 2010

First race of 2010!

I just committed (registered) to my first race of 2010. On Sunday I will be racing the Sage Brush Safari. It's the first race in the Kenda Cup West Series. I was going back and forth all week on whether i was going to race or not because last weekend i heard the course was in bad shape from the rain... and we're supposed to get more rain starting tonight and all day on Saturday.

I felt great out on the trails this morning and started to get really stoked about the idea of racing for the first time since mid December, and the last time I raced on a mountain bike was back in September. So I charged and signed up and will race no matter what the conditions are like... and just have fun. I can't wait to race on my 2010 Sworks Stumpjumper. I finally have a race bike that is on the same level as my competitors.

This race was on my schedule but I didn't plan on resting for it as I just started my "race prep" phase this week... and I am kind of shelled. A lot of solid riding has taken place this week including a hard interval session and an anaerobic hammerfest of a group ride on thursday. with the rain coming tomorrow though I probably won't be able to get out for my planned long ride so i may actually get a little rest for the race.
group portion of Thursday's ride. Pain Cave!

that's it. here are some photos from the week that has been a very busy, but very good.
on tuesday night i was up in LA and went do dinner with my sister and nephew at 1739 Public House. 64 beers on tap! this is green flash west coast IPA... never lets me down!

the local trails are still in perfect condition

sun and wide open roads

Finally got into our AWESOME wedding present from Sue. Thank you!
with training beth so much... and killing it... i have been doing most of the cooking. no complaints.

mahi mahi taco salad


Ryan Denner said...

those trail pics look inviting!

kill it on sunday homeboy!

GZ said...

JW post checklist ...

.. brew ... check
...good food ... check
... biking ... check
... data ... check

... there are possible addendums with Chargers, Pads, the FW, working for the network man ...

... but always living it attitude ... check.

Cody Waite said...

IPA, what a hipster! Did you ride in on your fixie and wear your skinny jeans while enjoying that IPA?

Sunday will be the beginning of the end for your 2010 competition!

Toby Guillette said...

Tear it up on Sunday!!

runninggunner said...

Have a killer race. Racing my first road race next weekend.

Charisa said...

Bicycle COFFEE!!!! Awesome. Good luck in your race.

Matt said...

Looks good across the board.
I want some of that salad with an IPA.

Have a killer race.

FatDad said...

hahaha...cody is funny.
Hope all went well.