Monday, February 22, 2010

race prep...

4 weeks until my first A race of the season. Vison Quest. really looking forward to it.

after the big base block i definitely enjoyed a more mellow week last week. i was still on bike 6 our of 7 days but kept it MELLOW and actually got on the trails more than the roads. that's always a good thing.

I got in 4 days on the mountain bike and loved every minute.  i started the week with a super fun ride with my incredible wife at hodges and that set the tone for the week.
trying to keep up

chasing beth up the climb

after 4.5 hours on the road on saturday i really wanted to keep sunday mellow and my recovery in check.  with the rain i wasn't sure where to ride but i definitely wasn't looking forward to another wet road ride so i decided to hit lake hodges and hope it wasn't to wrecked from the rain.  ryan cruised down and we got in a killer ride.  just about 3 hours and 90% singletrack.  we kept it mellow and just had fun riding our bikes... what it's all about.  we rode some trails i have never ridden before and they were rad.  i can't wait to take beth out there.
new trail (for me at least)

conditions were PERFECT!
ryan descending.

starting this week i will be transitioning into a "race prep" phase, similar to what most people call "build". the volume will be manageable but the intensity will be on the rise... something i am really looking forward too. in this next block i will also have a couple or XC races that are part of the Kenda Cup West and SoCal State series'. with me changing my focus to more of an endurance mtb race focus and Vision Quest coming up i definitely won't be resting for these early season races.

so that's about it... here's some more food photos... it may get old to look at but my favorite meal is grilled fish, or chicken, & grilled veggie salad!

orange roughy, hard boiled egg, avo, mushrooms, cucumber, red onion, mixed greens, & bleu cheese with horse radish mustard dressing.

yeah... random... beth on the trainer.  twittering it up


jaakko said...

sick that video! I should bring my MTB to SoCal later in the year too and get myself killed LOL

IAN said...

sweet video. We are in similar phases. Intensity is coming. Kill it bro.

Administrator said...

First of all, great blog. Second, were the trails in the video and pics all from Hodges? I thought I'd ridden everything out there, but the stuff you posted looked unfamiliar. Thanks, James

Tawnee said...

That's mellooowww ;)

FatDad said...

Dinner looks killer.
I always wondered what Beth's setup that allowed her to tweet and ride looked like.

J.P. Patrick said...

Dude! There's green in the pictures of the trails! Is that real or Photoshopped!?? Wait... you don't live in Colorado. I've been having dreams lately that look a lot like that!

Keep it coming!

Rachel said...

Great pics and video. Sounds like you guys are right on track with your training. Btw, you will never know how I made the comparision between Ironmans and an acid trip. ;)