Friday, March 12, 2010

busy. photos.

busy week all around.  work. training. life.  not stoked about having to work tomorrow, but looking forward to racing on sunday at Bonelli.  too busy to write anything else.  so here are some photos from the week (so far).

present for the wife

mahi mahi, brocolini, & roasted root veggies

Ska Brewing Decadent Imerial IPA
Peanut Free Nuttzo with chia and flax seeds

cooking kale

salmon burger, acorn squah, & kale/veggie mix

good morning


MarkyV said...

Sun cups... meh. I will give them a passing grade.

Where's my Golden Spoon twin.... i feel a sesh coming on in the next week or so! ;-) WED-TU next week!

GZ said...

Excellente. Well said with few words!

Ryan Denner said...

great post!

Matt said...

Between this and BGW's post, sounds/looks like you are doing great. Pretty standard JW.

Let's get a beer!

(check my "recovery." Top that!)

SSB said...

You cook kale?

Ryan Weeger said...

all about the dorado and that ska brew! looks solid. are you sure those zipps arent secretly for your "reintro into triathlon"?