Monday, March 08, 2010

typical = good

week day morning on the trails
a pretty typical week of life around here... which means a lot of GOOD.  good times hanging out with my soon-to-be IM destroyer wife, good times on the bike both road and trail, good food, and good times and beers with friends.  that's basically what i want out of every week... simple... and i can usually make it happen.
booyah.  training is going well!

heading down double peak with sean
the highlight of the week for me was sunday.  i already had a solid week of training behind me and was just to going see what happened with the weather before i made any plans.  beth was up early and headed down to the gran fondo century.  after a bunch phone calls, text's, g-chatting we had a plan.  beth bagged the gran fondo due to heavy rain and ryan, sean, slater, and monique were all down for a 11am roll out up in the Santa Ana's.

crew getting ready.  slater teaching everybody how to stretch.

beth and i cruised up to meet the crew and got in a great ride.  i was stoked to get her up there... finally!  I kept it mellow climbing HTT and the turned around and descneded down to beth and climbed back up.  She was killing the climb.  by far the longest climb she has ever done on the mtb (9.08 miles, 3,328 ft of climbing).  then we descneded down maple springs a bit and were getting pretty cold.  beth turned around 2 miles down and went another mile before heading back up.  once back to the top we headed back down HTT to the truck.
glad to be done climbing... but cold.

beth getting ready to blast down HTT
view from the 4 corners
 it was cold and i was under dressed.  good reminder for Vision Quest:  being cold on the bike sucks!  need to make sure i wear/bring the right gear.
almost back to the truck. not warm.
 i can't wait to get beth back up there over the spring and summer when it's warm.  awesome riding and good training.

now time for some food and drink.

perfect recovery dinner.  grilled wild Alaskan salmon salad with heaps of veggies
brown rice pasta with veggie (zucchini, eggplant, mushroom, onion, tomatoes) , ground turkey sauce.  beth killed it with this one.  love it.

Now more importantly... BEER.  It was like xmas this week.  i got a beer shipment from my homeboy JP in colorado.  some new colorado DIPA's to try and some hoppy belgians!  so stoked.  his return shipment will be going out this week... some of socal's finest!  i knocked back two of the colorado DIPA's over weekend.  i really liked the first one i tried, Boulder Beer Company's Mojo Risin' Double IPA.  I would definitely have this one again.

The second 22oz was the Hoppy Man DIPA from Twisted Pine. This one was just OK in my book.  Very drinkable, but not as hoppy, and more malty than I like.  not saying i wouldn't drink it again but there are better beers out there.. .even from colo!


Ryan Denner said...

I wish I didn't do GF and was on the MTB. What a waste...

pantanap said...

speaking of DIPAs, have you ever tried fresh Dreadnaught from Three Floyd's? you need to get some of that, if fresh of course. my fave west coast ipa right now is Alpine Nelson. That nelson sauvin hop is killer.

runninggunner said...

The riding looks awesome. The beers even better.