Monday, March 29, 2010

blown away... but not surprised.

beth on the home stretch!
before i get down to business... the "iamspecialized" facebook page just launched. give it a look. become a fan/friend. best bikes and gear out there.

 my wife keeps on impressing me. she is amazing.

on satruday beth raced the california 70.3, won her AG (3rd amateur woman overall), and snagged a KONA SLOT! i am so proud of her. she trained her butt off, put together a solid race, and more importantly had fun doing it. she is in great shape... the dirkster knows what's up!
filling out the KONA paperwork... with pizza in hand!
i had plans to race in sunday in Fontana, and even pre-rode the course on friday with ryan. i never had this race on my schedule because i knew beth would be racing on saturday and it was a big race for her and i didn't want to worry about my race. but after missing bonelli i decided i would give it a go. after she won her race i decided immediately to not race. satruday was her day and her biggest accomplishment in racing so far (in my opinion). there were awards to go to, kona slots to register for, and friends were having a post-race party. i had been up and on my feet since 4am and was beat... more so than beth!

so instead of heading home and rushing around to get my race gear ready, setting the alarm for 4am again, and getting to bed early we celebrated! post award beers at breakwater in brewing co., post-race party at charisa's (ian came through big time with a growler of port wipeout ipa), dinner at el caribe, and fro-yo for dessert. a long, awesome day!
post award beers at breakwater brewing co
frist time at breawater.  definitely going back.  many good beers.
beth had a rad race and so did a bunch of our friends. our house guests on friday night, slater and monique (team SlaMo) killed it and both had PR days. the women of team nytro (kristen, colleen, vicki, polly) ruled the podium. ian and charisa made their pro debuts against a super stacked field. leslie kicked ass taking the second overall and almost running herself to the win! pat took second in the gnar 30-34 AG and passed on his kona slot because he has a little grom on the way. kim mcdonald and kim rouse both ruled their AG's and will be heading back to Kona.  sorry if i forgot anyone... the day was kind of a blur.
slater... crushing dreams
I can't wait for Kona! it's going to be so much fun... for me... no pressure... just good times with a bunch of friends and watching beth throw down.

since i decided not to race on sunday cody gave me a "gnar sesh". i headed out to hodges and got it done. the weather is amazing right now. 80 and sunny! after the ride and headed home and then we took off for the beach to hang with tom and kerri. so fun and the perfect ending to the weekend. beach, sun, good times... and some IPA!
the view.

well deserved.
i am itching to race a bit but just going with the flow and enjoying what life throws at me... i will just be patient... kind of what i did last year. i built my race fitness and speed throughout the year and got stronger as it went along. i have some good races coming up and a lot of travel so bagging fontana is probably a good call in the long run.
4/16 - sea otter
4/24 - whiskey 50
5/1 - travel to utah for im saint george
5/8 - the traverse

then there are bunch of big races and cross starts in september and that's when i want to be flying!


Matt said...

Solid weekend and smart decision to drink more ipa . .er . . not race on Sunday.

Pretty impressive stuff. Keep it up!

J.P. Patrick said...

You two are awesome! I cheered out loud when I hit refresh on tracker on Saturday and saw Ironwife had run herself into first place!

Now… I need to know who has the mad Photoshop skills, ‘cause I know Beth’s not really holding a Coors Light!!

IAN said...

Super stoked for Beth and that we got to down some quality suds. Lets do it again soon.

Zippy said...

Somebody feed Slater! Man that boy got skinny! Huge props to Beth. WOW!

Carolina John said...

wow, big congrats to Beth! taking a kona slot is really impressive.

um... you did a great job drinking all that beer too bro. 80 and sunny? we had tornado's on the east coast yesterday!

Ryan Weeger said...

good call in bagging fontana. looking at the tap line at breakwater confirms the call!

Trevor Glavin said...

Kona will be fun...I will be there for Skinfit so plenty of beers and sunshine!

Charisa said...

Super solid weekend! Glad you guys came over.

runninggunner said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Beth Killed it!

Kona should be great