Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a busy stretch...

as usual time has been flying by... and there is going to be no slowing down over the next couple of weeks.

it got started last weekend when some of my new family came for a visit... Dan (bro-in-law) and Erica (sis-in-law) came our from chicago for a long weekend and we had a killer time.  me and dan probably had too much fun!  sorry erica!
me and dan with pliny the elder at Stone last friday.
and now it's really going to get gnarly starting this week.  this is how the next 4 weekends are shaping up for me.

4/16 (actually this friday) - Sea Otter Classic - XC MTB, Monterey, CA
 - heading up early tomorrow morning with ryan and meeting up with trevor.

4/24 - Whiskey 50, Prescott, AZ
- heading out to tom's in AZ next thursday after work (4/22) and then up to Prescott on friday.

5/1 - Ironman Saint George, Saint George, UT
- obviously I am not racing this one, beth is.  we are leaving wednesday (4/28) for utah and hauling ass back on sunday after the race.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  I get to just have fun, get in some good riding, and watch all my friends race.

5/8 - The Traverse, Silverado, CA
 - another crack at an endurance race in the santa ana mountains.  looking for a little redemption after Vision Quest.

so yeah... a super busy couple of weeks.  a lot of racing, training, traveling, and good times!


runninggunner said...

Looks like a killer month. Should be a lot of fun.

Luke said...

looks like a good line-up. def jealous about the whiskey 50 and the traverse. maybe next year i'll have my act together and dial in a solid schedule! go get it!!

Ryan Denner said...

"and now it's really going to get gnarly starting this week" ... I can hear you saying that in my head!

Matt said...

Pretty sick schedule. Sounds like a lot of fun. If you see anything with my name on it in Paso Robles, grab it!

Hitting-up O'Brien's tonight. Pure Hopiness and Pliny on draft. It's on! Killer 10 on San Elijo today.

Looking forward to May!

Take it easy.

IAN said...

If that pic is representative of the tasks comprising your "busy" schedule, I want to be your "busy"

Sounds like an awesome couple weeks bro. I am very jealous of Sea Otter and that little race your blonder & better looking half is doing.

Kill it like I know you can.

Ryan Weeger said...

Its gonna be some RAD racing for sure!

Charisa said...

Whoooo hooooo - good luck at Sea Otter, and of course all the others!

Mauricio Bueno said...

Best of luck this weekend, go get them!!!! said...

Make 'em hurt at Sea Otter!!