Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening Day!

today is opening day for the mlb season and in my opinion should be national holiday.  so stoked... and optimistic.  the pads have a young team this year and it should be fun to watch.
all is right  in the world when the sun is out, baseball is being played, and the beers are flowing.  the pads are opening the season in AZ but i will be at the home opener next monday at petco.  can't wait.

training last week was solid and one of the bigger weeks i have put in in a while.  right now things are just rolling.  i have gotten to the point where i can knock out some pretty big volume on the bike and absorb it very well. 

some highlights from the week were a killer ride in the santa ana's with ryan on saturday and then backing it up with some road time with beth on sunday.

the ride saturday couldn't have been any better.  perfect weather and the trails were in good shape.  we rode 3/4 of the traverse course that we will be racing on may 8th.  it's going to be a tough one and i am looking for some redemption up there after what happened in Vision Quest.  we knocked 40 miles, 7000+ ft of climbing in just under 5 hours.  good times.
Sunday.  beth had a long, mellow (by dirk's standards) to get in and i told beth i would roll with her.  the plan was for 5 hours, but i woke up and really wasn't feeling it.  we had been on both friday and saturday night and i didn't get to bed until after 10:30 both nights (i know... i am a boring old man) and was just kind of tired.... but beth got my grumpy butt out the door.  she's champ.  we ended up knocking out 80+ miles in just over 5 hours.

so definitely a very solid  weekend on the bike with over 10 hours in the saddle.  i have another tough week and training before a mellow/taper week next week with Sea Otter on friday.  i am really looking forward to heading back up to monterey for some racing.


Charisa said...

Sea Otter!!!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures there!

Ryan Denner said...

I definitely want to hit up the santa ana's with you next time!

Matt said...

Stoked on the Pads, too. Let's definitely catch some games at Petco along w/some pub crawlin'.

I'm going to be really cool over the next week, so when I hit you up for Firestone growler via Sea Otter, you'll be thinking, no problem!

SSB said...

The ONLY thing I don't like about Hawaii is the lack of Major League baseball. I had to make do with some UH action.

runninggunner said...

Those trails look great. Hoping ours dry out soon.