Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 x R

R #1 - Racing

3 races in 4 weeks is tough and even more so when travel is involved.  I raced Sea Otter up in Monterey, CA then the Whiskey 50 in Prescott, AZ the following weekend and finished this race block hammering up in the Santa Ana's last week in The Traverse.  I am really stoked with how all the racing went.  Sea Otter was one the hardest, and best XC races i have ever put down.  The weekend in AZ for the Whiskey 50 was just fun.  Good friends, rad trails, and hard racing.  Then last weekend I probably had the best endurance mountain bike race I ever have.  racing wise things are going well and it's good see the benefits from all the hard work i have put in.  with all the racing my bikes have taken a beating.  I can't thank Gordon & B&L for helping me keep bikes race ready week after week.
R #2 - Rest.

beth "resting" in the truck after riding up for bottle support last weekend... a lot of climbing was involved!
after racing 3 out of the last 4 weekends and with the only weekend i didn't race was our trip to St. George for the Beth's IM debut it's good to be back at home and not have to worry about packing up for another trip or race.  last saturday night/sunday morning was the first time i had slept in my own bed and not had to wake up to an alarm in over a month.  it was rad and much needed.  the last couple of weeks training has been pretty good and i'll be taking it easy on the bike through the end of the month and then start really start putting in some volume over the summer leading up to the Park City Point to Point.  so just some mellow, fun riding for the next couple of weeks.  it's also nice to have some time to hang out with friends that i haven't seen in a while due our crazy schedules.

R #3 - Running

I have started running again... actually i started 6 weeks ago.  i was just getting the itch to run and so i did... and it's been going really well and i am loving it.  i started with a bunch of really mellow 30-45 minute runs over the first 3 weeks and have recently started build my volume and long run up. my body is responding really well and i feel better on the bike too... and have definitely had my best mountain bike races of the year since i have started.  i am not sure what i am going to do with my running at this point but i definitely be jumping into some summer trail running races.  i'm back.

R #4 - Recovery

with the addition of running and all the racing recovery has been key.  beth and i are working with RecoverBetter and the products they have hooked is up with are awesome.  not a day goes buy that i don't jump on "the grid" from trigger point.  it's a foam roller on crack... so extra self induced torture... that helps HUGE with recovery.

i have also been wearing all my compression gear after races, runs, and when on the road.  lastly is the RecoverBetter Muscle Recovery Soak beth posted about this a while back and this stuff works.  i definitely feel positive affects the day after a soak (bath) using their custom "epsom & dead sea salt formula with a sublte hint of eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils".

check out for all the best recovery products out there.  they have given beth and I a coupon code for all of our friends that will get you 15% off.  just type in "SOCAL" at checkout.

R#5 - Rehab United

Beth and I are back at it.  with my first race phase in the books and beth coming back from IM it's time to start rebuilding some muscle and make sure we are preventing injury as we get ready for more racing.  i think it's going to be especially important for me as I increase my volume running.  we were back in the gym on tuesday and my body is sore!  it hurts to laugh... in a good way.

so that's if for now... more good times on tap for the weekend.


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Ryan Denner said...

I have pretty much teh same picture of Michelle, that you have of beth (although it is a little 'worse', and wouldn't post it anywhere). hehe

that 2nd pic is pretty sweet man. maybe blog header material?

good times last night. i felt out of place not having an iphone to play on every 10 minutes though! hahaha

Ryan Weeger said...

hell yeah! stoked on the 5 r's. i especially like the bee"r" which can be incorporated easily into all 5 categories above

Lindsay Cotter said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the grid. Hurts so good!
poor beth, she looks like she's passed out cold!

beth said...

Thanks for the flattering picture. ....i think am am going to demand picture edit/veto power now that i am your wife. give me your blogger password. NOW.

Matt said...

great post.
as always.
beer rules.
let's run.

IAN said...

"i'm back." I REALLY like the sound of that!!