Monday, May 17, 2010

a mellow weekend at home...

Lake Hodges
finally a mellow weekend at home with NO racing and NO travelling... i did have to work all day on Sunday but that's not a big deal.

i have been doing a pretty good job of living up to the Blood, Sweat, and Beers blog title the last couple of weeks.... but i think i will plan on a little less blood over the next few weeks!

Cleaning up after crash during the Traverse
aftermath of last friday's trail run.  lets just say i took a bit of digger.
dinged up the hand too.

i gotta killer crew together for a fun ride out at lake hodges last saturday.  we escaped the thick marine layer on the coast and it was close to 80 degrees by they time we got rolling at 10am.  we rolled out 9 people deep (ryan, slater, monique, toby, nick, kerri, beth, & luke) and it would have been 11 if denner hadn't forgot his helmet.  we knocked out a mellow 30 miles.  good times.
crew rolling out
chasing beth
FUN on big wheels.
beth killing it!
more fun.

just a good weekend of riding, running, relaxing eating and drinking with my radical wife and friends. just what i needed for my body and mind. that's kind of my plan for the rest of the month. i am going to kind to take a mid season break... not to say there won't be any training going because of course there will be.... but fun rides/runs and hanging out with friends will be the priority.  i put in some big time volume on the bike over last 5 months, had some solid races, and am really satisfied with how things are going.

my next big MTB race in the Park City Point to Point and that's not until labor day weekend in september.  i will definitely be racing some shorter XC races over the summer so backing off some of the volume now and going into maintenance mode will be good for me.  July and August will be huge months of riding getting ready for park city and I want to be ready for that and avoid getting burned out.

that's it.... is it friday yet?  i am ready for another rad weekend on the trails.


Slater Fletcher said...

im already counting the days until memorial weekend!

Matt said...

Dude, you're killing it out there on the trail and all, but in that pic of you on the tailgate...wouldn't that whole situation be enhanced with an ice cold growler next to you instead of that big bottle of water?

Keep up the good work!

Ryan Denner said...

I cant believe I forgot it! Totally rookie...

Mom said...

And you did not call your Mom to tell her you were hurt? Just kidding talk to you this coming weekend. Love ya be careful.