Monday, May 24, 2010


a little more of everything... blood, sweat, & beers....
things have just been rolling along and life is good.  i really like the way my training is going right now.  MELLOW.  i am ramping my running up a bit and just having fun on the bikes.  it's a nice change.  instead of planning a long suffer fest on the the weekends i have just been planning fun rides with friends.  no intervals, no plan other to get on the trails.

saturday was rad.  i headed up to the San Juan Trail to ride with ryan and allison.  i can't believe this is was only the second time i have been up there.  it's close and the trail is epic.  probably one of the best in all of southern california.  we rolled out around 9am, loving the relaxed start times, and hit the climb.  allison knocked out some here intervals and me and ryan hung back and kept it steady.  it was solid loop and the descent was sick.  we stopped a bunch and took photos... again... all about fun.

blood. took a little spill... again.  this happened in the last 2 minutes of the ride.  lame.
allison showing us how it's done.
ryan.  killing it.
saturday night beth was out partying... ok not really partying but hanging out with some her girlfriend.  so i was on my own for dinner.
grilled yellow fin tuna, veggies, and potatoes.
Port brewing's 4th anniversay.  great beer.
sunday was another mellow day.  i slept in and woke up to a lot of wind outside.  i immediately decided not ride 4 hours with beth and her friends... i don't need to force anything right now.  so i went for a run and then a little later on headed out to hodges for more trail time.

we capped off the weekend having some friends over for dinner.  called it a week.  here are couple more photos from the weekend.

new snack... SUPERFOOD!
the caveman would be proud!
Mikkeller 1000 ibu


Ryan Weeger said...

Don't know about those 'dines but everything else looks solid for sure. looking forward to my 4th anny in a pint glass too, Keep these weekends rolling.

Toby Guillette said...

Great post! Love the pics. SJT looks fantastic. I'm down to cruise up there sometime for sure. Let's get a group together for Cuyamaca on 6/5 if you're down. Def hit up Alpine Brew Co on the way back...

Matt said...

That last two pics look very intriguing. Beer and sardines.
And mustard. Yum.

Training looks solid. Look forward to getting out on the trails with you, having a couple brews.
And 6/5 sounds good!

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