Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday 5.14.2006 - it's working...

A couple of months ago I made the decision to stop working with my coach and to start doing everything on my own. I was kind of apprehensive, but with my results so far this season I know I made the right decision. As soon as I started coaching myself I made up a detailed plan leading up to next weekend, the Xterra West Championships. I made sure to cut the volume back on weeks that I had races but I also continued to build through the races in order to be able to put in my best performance next Sunday.

I think my plan worked...

Two weeks ago was highest volume week and also the Spring Sprint race. It was a really hard week but things were going good. This past week I cut the volume back just a bit and kept the inensity up. Coming into this weekend I was feeling good. I have never been able to climb this good and with all my early season races and brick workouts I able to run very strongly off the bike.

On saturday (yesterday) I raced in a the tri club offroad duathlon. I went into this race wanting to see how strong I really was and if my training leading up to my "A" race had worked. I mean with only a week left there is no way I can increase my fitness or do anything to make me faster or stronger.

The race was unexpectedly hard. It was an offroad duathlon (2.5 run/7 mtb/2.5 run). the runs started with 1/4 mile straight up hill and then there were 5 or 6 significant climbs after that and the bike also had 6 good climbs... but this is what I have been training for.

I had a great race and won by over 5 minutes. I just went all out to see what I had in me. I am feeling good about this and have a lot of confidence going into next week. I know the competition will fierce. There are people from all over the country coming to his race and all the pros will be there too. I can't wait.


AM - 1 mile ocean swim
Lunch - easy 4 mile run

AM - club race (2.5/7/2.5) - then I road 5 miles afterwards

AM - 1.2 mile ocean swim
8 mile run

I am really cutting things back this week. here's what it's looking at:

mon: rest
tues: am - masters swim/pm easy ride/run
wed: am - swim
thurs: am - easy ride w/ race pace intervals/pm -club aquathon (1000 yard swim/5k)
Friday - ocean swim - travel to temecula - pre-ride course
Saturday - walk/run run course
sunday - race... it's on!


Habeela said...

Winning by 5 minutes?! That's outstanding! This next weekend is going to be one great race! Enjoy the taper.

Cliff said...

You are a beast out there. Can't wait till hear the news on the big race.

Guernsey Man said...

Great job, way to blow everyone away on the runs. Have fun this weekend.

Spence said...

Dude...the Kahuna needs some encouragement for Temecula...he's quaking in his bike shoes... see what you can do...

Rachel said...

Good luck on the upcoming race. You'll do awesome. I wasn't there for the practice race but I heard it was hard. Sounds like you're really peaking!

Anonymous said...

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