Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday 5.11.2006 - flying by....

I can't believe another week is already over. Being so focused on my training and so busy at work makes the weeks and months fly by. Temecula is next weekend. I really can't wait to see all the pros take on the same course I am and be able to compete against some really talented athletes.

Over the past couple of weeks I have really been focusing on my climbing on the bike and pace intervals running on trails. The runs at an offroad race are considerably harder than a road race. I think due the terrain I havent been pushing myself hard enough in the run. I have never felt after a race like I gave it everything I had in the run. I have always had something left in the tank. So here's my race plan for Temecula:

Just hang within 30 seconds of the leaders which is pretty much what I have been capable of. Except for the race in Az... I was first in my AG out of the water.

Crush. Just totally go for it and charge the hills. I have not any problems thus far running off the bike. Even after the Castaic Lake race... that bike was brutal.

Just see how hard I can go until I hit the wall. I am going to try and push the whole way. No starting out slow early, no saving anything for final kick. Just run the 10k as hard as I can. If I blow up I know I will go out giving it everything I have.

So that's it.

AM - Masters swim - 3600m
Lunch - weights/stretching
PM - Track workout - trying to run at 5:30/mile pace
2 mile warm-up
2 x 800
1 x 1600
2 x 800
1 mile CD

AM - 26 mile ride:
home to TP and back
1 x tp inside
1 x tp outside
Lunch - core/stretching
PM - work swim - 1700m

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Rachel said...

good for you! awesome training week. I've been totally slacking. Sigh. I feel soooo guilty.