Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday 5.7.2006 - Race Report - Spring Sprint

Not really sure what's going on.

Today I raced in the Spring Sprint triathlon at Mission Bay. I almost decided to not do this race at all. My first "A" race of the season is 2 weeks from today. The Xterra Western Championships in Temecula. All my training has been focused towards this race. I decided to just train through this race and just use it as speed work out. Here is the training I put in this week including a really tough mountiain bike yesterday (hill repeast at Daley Ranch).

Bike: 4h 34m - 68.87 Mi

Run: 2h 18m 44s - 16.6 Mi

Swim: 4h 50m - 14640.2 Yd

Strength - 55m


I went to go check in and pick up my packet and realized that this was going to be a big event. This race is pretty much the kick-off for triathlon season in San Diego. And with San Diego being the triathlon mecca that it is this race brought some pros, a lot of newbies, and 800+ in the triathlon and about 200+ in the Dualthon. The pros/elites included FELIPE LOUREIRO, EMILIO DESOTO, HEATHER FUHR, PAULA NEWBY-FRASER, SIAN WELCH. Jessi Stensland was also there hanging out and doing some video interviews for GNC.

Sunday - Race Day.

- woke up at 4am
clif bar

on the way to the race and while setting up transition I sipped on a 16oz bottle of water mixed with 1 scoop of carbo pro.

I set up my transition area and then began to get a little intimidated. The transition area was broken up by waves and I was the first wave in the water (29 & under and Elites). Now... i know i have really good bike but I was surrounded by people with $3k+ bikes and 2k wheelsets. For some reason this part of the race always intimidates me.

Right before the race I slammed 2 enervitene "cheerpacks". I have been experimenting with these in training and decided to give them a shot.

Swim - 400m:
This was by far the roughest swim I have encountered so far. My wave had about 80 people in it
(29 & under and Elites). I got kicked, elbowed, punched, grabbed, and dunked. The first 100m were like a wrestling match. I finally decided to swim wide and got into a groove and felt good. Overall all I had an OK swim. If I would have got out a little more in front and not got beat down I proably could have take some time off the swim.

Really fast. I was probably in the top 20 and passed quite a few people in T1.

bike - 9 miles - 2 loops:
I felt like crap on the first loop, I just didn't have any juice in my legs. I did get to pass Paula Newby-Fraser and Heather Fuhr which was kind of fun. By the second lap I started to feel better. I passed some people on the bike and according to my bike computer averaged 23.5 mph over the 9 miles.

fast again. Racked my bike, slipped on the shoes, and I was gone.

Run - 3 miles - 2 loops:
I suprisingly felt great on the run and just went hard the whole way. I can't wait to see the splite times.

1st in AG (70 competitors)
6th overall (800+ competitors)

I am beyond stoked about winning my first race. The top elite only finished about 2 minutes ahead of me. I really think I could have hung with him if I would have tapered at all and had a better swim. After racing the tought Xterra courses the past couple of weeks it makes a road Tri (sprint) seem like a walk in the park... things are looking good.. I can't wait for Temecula.


Spence said...

So excellent. No doubt you're going to go far... you won't forget about all of us when you're a famous racer, will you?? ;)

Flatman said...

DUDE! You so rock. I can't wait until next year when I can say, "Yeah, I knew JDub back when he was still an age grouper..."!

Nice race!

(did you get your garmin yet?)

Habeela said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'd say don't let it all go to your head but you seem to do better in every race you do!

So, you finished 1st in your AG and you started out your post with "Not really sure what's going on." What aren't you sure about? It seems pretty clear you were born to do triathlon!

Kylie said...

Awesome race! Congrats :)

IMmike said...

Great stuff Jameson! You're a really talented dude! Keep it up!

Guernsey Man said...

Well done, you are a rocking.

Rachel said...

Jeez! I have to get some tips from you. Your times are smokin'!

jp said...

Nice work!

You are starting to put together some impressive results. Keep it up....can't wait to read about your exploits at Xterra.

PS. I love how you slipped in 'I passed Heather Fuhr and Paula Newby Fraser which was kind of fun.'.....last I checked each has won several IM events, including the big one in Hawaii. Pretty cool freakin' cool if you ask me. I would have pulled a pen out and and asked for an autograph...."hey can you sign my bike jersey?" :-)

XTEric said...

Dude, you are fast, and I like the way you post your results. I was shooting for Temecula myself this year, but my shoulder's keeping me out. Kick some ass!

Cliff said...

Fast ;0...

You clearly show those guys with 3K bike and 2k wheelset what the game is all about.

Anonymous said...

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