Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday 5.4.2006 - back to the grind

I have been kind of slacking when it come to posting lately. I have been super busy at work and with training so some things gotta give.

I am in yet another training course this week for work. The company I work for and my boss will pretty much approve any courses I want to take that relate to work. Right now I am taking another VOIP class. Eventhough I have been supporting VOIP networks for the past couple of years things are always changins so there is ALWAYS more to learn. The class so far has been pretty interesting but I still find it hard to keep my eyes open when 3 o'clock hits. Enough of the boring work/tech stuff....

This will be the highest volume week I have been put in a couple weeks. I am doing a local sprint tri this weekend but am training right through it as i continue to build towards the Xterra West Championships on 5/21. I signed for this spring months ago, and at the time I was really excited for it. I think it was the first tri I officially signed up for, but my training progresses far faster than I had anticipated and have since taken on much more ambitious goals. The race should be fun though. I am just going to put the pedal to the medal. The race is considerable shorter than I have been racing and training for:

400m swim
9 mile bike - flat
3 mile run - flat

I am basically just doing it for a speed workout and have pretty intense mountain bike ride the day before. We'll see how it goes.

training this week:
AM - recovery swim
- 2500 yards
AM - stratching & core workout

AM - Masters swim - 2600 yards
PM - Brick (bike - 90min/26miles - run - 30min/4.5 miles)

AM - Masters swim - 3550 yards
PM - Hill workout - 55min - 10 repeats - killed me!

AM - Masters swim - 3100 yards
PM(after work today) - ride - intervals - fiesta island

time for class!!!


Cliff said...

Those hill repeats are killer. I plan on doing some hill repeats tonight. Will not be as hardcore as u. Hopefully my legs won't fall off :)

Habeela said...

Two more flats? That sucks. But hopefully you're getting them in training so you won't have any more in races. Those are some nice training totals. Keep it up!

Rachel said...

you are a machine! so many races and high volume workouts. awesome!

Guernsey Man said...

You are doing so good with your swimming, my wife said she sees you there now all the time. I answered your TP question in my comments and good luck this weekend.