Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday 6.12.2006 - A lot of running and rest

I am glad it's Monday and all I have to do is a mellow ocean swim the the tri club tonight. I had a really big week last week but thanks to ice baths and "active" recovery runs I am not feeling too bad.

I hate packing. I have already packed up my bike but still have a lot to take care of before I leave for Virginia tomorrow afternoon. It seems I never travel light. In the past I would always take my surfboard with me on all my trips, but now it's my bike. Not to mention I need to make sure I take all my nutrition products with me for the race and light training I will be doing while hanging this week.

I am getting really stoked about the race coming up this sunday. After today I have the whole week off of work and just plan on hanging out at my parents house in Virginia Beach and maybe cruising down the the beach to get some waves (there will be a tropical storm just off the coast!!!). I will be able to sleep in everyday and just relax so I should go into this race feeling great and my workouts leading up to this race have been really good (and challenging). The fact that my coach has done all of these races has given me a lot of confidence in my training. I feel like I am doing exactly what I need to be doing to be succesful. No more second guessing myself.

I know it's world cup time, and I am really enjoying watching the matches, but if you like baseball I hope you have been able to catch some the college baseball regionals and super regionals. ESPN has really expanded their college baseball coverage this year. Starting last weekend most of the regional games were on tv and this weekend all the super regional games were televised. It's hands down the most exciting baseball there is. The College World Series starts this Friday. Check it out.


Habeela said...

Wow! Sounds like the perfect week. Enjoy!

Rachel said...

Your trip sounds fun. Do you always pack your bike? Is that hard? Does it get damaged? I'm curious b/c I'd like to do that in the future but I'm afraid of it getting messed up. Also, how do you take an ice bath? I've heard they're good for you but isn't it totally excruciating?

brian said...

The College World Series is one of my favorite sporting events of the year. And as a Clemson alum, it's even more exciting this year.

Barb said...

Wishing you luck at your race this weekend! I know you'll do great!! Already looking forward to the race report!