Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday 6.5.2006 - Balance.

This past weekend was a solid one. My new training schedule has me feeling fresher for my big workouts and has also given me the time to surf more and hang out with my friends. The balance between training and other activities has kind of been out of whack since I started training seriously in December.

Before triathlon took over I pretty muched surfed everyday and partied with my friends (probably a little too much). So when I started training I made it a priority and started blowing off surfing and friends on a regular basis. So from January until a couple of weeks ago I hadn't surfed a lot and or hung out with my friends on any kind of regular basis.

Over the past couple weeks I have been surfing a lot and hanging out with my friends a lot more too. It's been good. I am figuring out how to juggle it all and that's a good thing.

Weekend training:

AM - 1 mile ocean swim
Lunch - core workout
PM - surfed

AM - ride Swami's ride+ (50 miles total)
- 45 min run off the bike
PM - open water swim clinic (learned quite a few things)

AM - surfed
- 90 min run (12.5 miles)
PM - Recovery time - Beer Garden and Fiesta del Sol

So it's monday morning and I trained my butt of this weekend and I am still feeling fresh. I got in the water and surfed for about an hour and half this morning before work and all I have for training today is an open water swim this evening. My next race is just under 2 weeks away... I am getting anxious.


Flatman said...

great training weekend!

moonpie said...

Great realization Jameson!!! Surf as much as you can...wait...that's not balanced either...well, don't neglect the swells man...I'd kill for a nice right hander!

Habeela said...

And this isn't a recovery week for you? That coaching must be really paying off. Can't wait to see how fast it makes you in your next race.

Guernsey Man said...

So how was the Swami's ride. Give up the dirt. So cool that you make San Diego's "premier" group ride your first crack at a group ride. By the way I will probably start back up with my Tue/Thurs group rides this Thursday.

theseamonster said...

I did the same thing in regard to sacraficing my surfing. What was the secret to let you surf more w/out impacting your training?

Cliff said...

Hiding from your frineds. I have done that too. I try to plan my social night (Sat) as much as I can. This way after a hard training, i still have something ot look forward to.

Rachel said...

Balancing life with training is so important and a great life-lesson. I haven't gotten to the point where I can train "hard" and not need significant recovery. Can't wait to get there!

IMmike said...

I have similar realizations. I'll go for a few weeks living like a hermit and then all of a sudden just want to be sociable. If your coach can help you balance training and the rest of your life then he's worth every penny.

Marc is hinting towards doing the 50K bulldog. Are you interested?? That sounds absolutely brutal!!

Anonymous said...

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