Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday 6.26.2006 - Big Weekend

After feeling sluggish after getting back in town last weekend I finally started to feel good this weekend. The more and more I think about it the more I am disappointed with my race in Richmond. I can't believe how bad of a ride I had. I hands down lost this race. My swim (2nd AG) and run(1st in AG) were solid and should have been go enough to win. I will be getting out on the trails a lot more from here on out.

I know I need to keep things in perspective. I know in triathlon you are going to have bad days/races. I need to keep in my mind that it's still my first year in this sport eventhough I have found some success rather quickly. I am six races deep (4 Xterra, 2 road) and I have finished on the podium in every race with four second place finishes, one third, and one first. I am still considering this a "learning" year for me. I feel I will not even come close to my best race until next season. At that time I will have quite a bit more experience and be more fit.

I got in some good training sessions this weekend.

60 mile ride and bike skills clinic with coach. The total time spent on the bike was 3:45. I rode from apartment down to mission bay and met my coach and a couple of other guys to do some drills and work on cornering. Then I rode 25 miles back to my apartment straigh into a nice head wind.

1000m ocean swim/13 mile run. I negative split the run 47 minutes out and 43 minutes back.

It was defintely a solid weekend of workouts and I'm feeling good this morning. Next race is the Scripps 10k on 7/4 and then Carlsbad Triathlon on 7/9 and after watching the San Diego International Triathlon yesterday I am cracking out to race.


XTEric said...

Hey Jamison. I know it's difficult, but be patient. You are good, real good! With 6 bike crashes at Richmond be thankful you are not injured. As you know, I found out the hard way an injury is the surest way to go slow and I became depressed as I watched scheduled races go by without me. Go hard and keep in mind you want to make the next training session too. Stay within yourself.

Rachel said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Your bad days are better than most people's best days. Part of it could be racing out of town. I know the weather in that area is certainly very different. More hot and humid. Anyway, sounds like the rest did you good b/c you sound raring to go. Have fun with it!

Rachel said...

P.S. Thanks for the support this weekend! I heard lots of people cheering along the way!

Jessi said...

If this is a "learning" year I can't wait to see how you do once you've got it dialed in.

IMmike said...

hey jameson,

I think it is good that you are a looking for more. But, the guy is right, 6 crashes is a lot. You'll get better and then you'll be racing pro...or smoking me in IMs :)