Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday 6.15.2006 - East Coast

It never takes me long to realize, once again, why I left the East Coast and moved to San Diego. The moment I stepped off the plain in Norfolk,Va late Tuesday night it started raining and yesterday it rained all day. When all was said and done we got 5+ inches of rain in less than 24 hours. And now that the rain has stopped it's going to get hot and extremely humid today. The good 'ol east coast.

I was supposed to put my bike together yesterday go for a 30 minute spin and also do a super easy 30 minute run. Due to the rain I scratched both workouts and just hung out with some friends. I did put my bike together and I will have chance to see how everything is working here in a bit.

I went for a swim at public indoor pool this morning at 6am and it was horrible. The water in the pool was way to warm. I could only last 1500m before I started feeling sick. Not a big deal though it was just an easy swim. I am going to run later today and am waiting until it gets hot and humid to get a feel of what the race will be like on Sunday. The forecast for Richmond, Va on Sunday: 94 degress, humid, and mostly sunny and Xterra races start at 1030 am to make sure you are really suffering. Should be fun!

I will be heading up tomorrow morning to pre-ride with my coach and will be hanging out with my family in Richmond all weekend. It's nice to just be able to hang out and be stress free the week leading up to a race. No deadlines at work, no conference calls... just relaxing and watching the word cup.


Anonymous said...


Good luck and have fun!


Cliff said...

These xterra races are nuts. 10;30 am. Nice and warm :)

Habeela said...

Great new pic. "enjoy" the 94 degree weather this weekend. And enjoy the lounging.

Rachel said...

I remember the nasty indoor pool water. Yuck.