Tuesday, May 08, 2007

getting back at it...

The last couple of weeks have been nuts. Between racing, getting sick, and spending most of last week in New Jersey for work my training has been all over the place. Thankfully I was able to have a good race and for the most part I have been able to get in most of my workouts or at least some kind of workout. The training schedule has kind of gone out the window and with the way things are going at work (in a good way) there will be more crazy work and unpredictable scheduling.

The only thing that I have really had a hard time getting in is the swims. I swam once the week I was sick and twice last week. All of those were in the work pool and with no master's swims. This morning I was back in the pool for masters and suprisingly I felt great and easily made all the intervals. I have a new approach to my swimming but I'll get into that later.
Last week while I was on the road I sitll managed to get in some good workouts amongst some 15 hour workdays, late dinners, and drinks. All I did was run and hit the gym. Getting to the pool was too tough and the hotel didn't have a stationary bike. Thankfully I don't have to travel much.
I got back in town Friday night/Satruday morning around 1am after spending 7.5 hours on a plane thanks to numerous delays. I was supposed to get in a 4-5 hour mountain bike ride on Saturday, but that wasn't happening. I headed out for a couple hours on the road and followed it up with a 45 minute run. Sunday I did get on my mountain bike for 4 hard hours, 40 miles, and 4000+ ft of climbing.
The data:
chillen at the top. Ergons kill it.
That's about it. Below are some random photos from the week.
work. I spent hours upon hours in this datacenter configuring a bunch of gear.
workout gear on the road.
Essentials I picked up at the grocery store. Trying to eat healthy on the road. It can be done. Luckily I had a room with a kitchen.
More food that I brought from home. Check the pre-packaged oatmeal.
Breakfast is served.
View from the room... the Garden State (NJ) is defintely green.


Cliff Tam said...


I ain't a big fan of oatmeal but seeing how u mix it with banana is giving me ideas.

Mallie said...

Glad you're back on it. I always enjoy keeping up with your training and racing.

xteric said...

Good to see you're back in place & back at it. Just in time to throw down a worthy effort at Temecula. See ya there!