Thursday, May 31, 2007


Life is good.

I have been super busy... with work and training.

I started off last week just focusing on recovery, arranging my trip to Virgnia for the Xterra East champs, and letting my wounds heal.

All my cuts and scrapes are looking good and the only one I am still dealing with is the hip and it's almost gone as well. I didn't take me too long to recover from the race I went on a couple of easy rides on Tuesday and Wednesday and by Thursday I was ready to go.

I am going out of town this weekend... to good 'ol Vegas.. so there will be no training. So my plan was to go big on the bike with solid 9 day block before taking two days off. I have done a couple runs and swims but I am mostly focusing on the bike. Starting next week I will hit some speed workouts to prep for Richmond. Here's what the past couple week has looked like:

Thursday 5/24:
Easy Recovery Ride, pushed it on some climbs: 1:28 - 21.58 miles - 2464ft of climbing

Friday 5/25:
MTB - Just riding around local trails: 1:16 - 11.75 miles - 2338ft of climbing

Saturday: 5/26:
AM: MTB - Hard ride: 2:23 - 21.26 miles - 4029ft of climbing
PM: Recovery Ride: 1:21 - 19.96 miles - 1468ft of climbing

graph from morning MTB ride:

Sunday 5/27:
MTB: fun ride in PQ: 1:50 - 18 miles - 1661ft of climbing

Monday 5/28:
Long, hard road ride: 3:58 - 58 miles - 5000+ ft of climbinig

Tuesday 5/29:
Easy recovery ride on Trainer: :45 - 12.35 miles

Wednesday: 5/30:
MTB intervals: 1:21 - 12.97 miles - 1990ft of climbing.
Tursday: 5/31
Road ride - 2 x College: 1:35 - 25.35 - 1938ft of climbing

stopping for red bull on my long ride:

calling it a day:

creek crossing in PQ canyon:

memorial day feast:

I am getting ready to head out the door for a quick 90min on the MTB before heading to Vegas.
double down!


Benson said...

nothing like a trip to Vegas to promote recovery and get back stronger. good eats.

Cliff Tam said...

Hey Jameson,

Have fun in Vegas ;)

TRI Vortex said...

Train hard, recover smart....PARTY HARDER.