Monday, May 14, 2007

Race Week: Xterra West Champs

The week is finally here. I have been looking forward to the race since the Xterra season ended for me last year in Maui. I really can't wait to get out there and go for it.

Training last week solid. It was a little more heavy on bike and easier on the run which I think will lead to some really fresh legs this week. I have kind of different approach to race week and rest after my sickness before the Castaic Xterra race. I was laid up and sick for four days prior to the race and as a result my body was very rested when the weekend came. So this week I will definitely be taking it easy both physically and mentally. I still have some key workouts to get in to tap into some speed and race pace effforts but I am really going to focus on recovery and relaxing.

Saturday I headed out to Temecula to pre-ride the course with some friends and other athletes that Jim coaches. Ryan coordintated the whole trip so we could all ride together. I was told we had one huge van and a lim0 for transportation. I thought the limo was a joke bought at 730am on Saturday morning this incredible vehicle pulled in the park and ride:

This thing was amazing. Racks for 5 bikes and plush red "leather" on the inside. The looks we got driving on the interstate and pulling up at Rubio's after riding were priceless.
As for the pre-riding... It was a good time. There is defintely some steep climbs but also some really fun rollers. The new Epic handle and the rocky descents flawlessly. I can't wait to race on it. We took it pretty easy while pre-riding, rode a couple of sections twiced, and always waited for each other at the tops of the climbs. Here's a profile of one lap of the course. It's not exact because we got a little lost at one point.

That's about it. Today's a rest day and a I am going to take full advantage. I need to get all my camping gear ready for Temecula. I will be heading out there Friday and camping over the weekend. This is the same thing I did last year and showed up race morning feeling very relaxed and rested.

One last thing. I finally bought a new grill on Friday. So me and my brother have been cooking out every night. I don't know how I lived with out it. Friday night dinner:

chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and 9-grain bread all cooked on the grill:

I'll try to post a couple of times this week before I pack up all the camping gear. It's going to be nice to have a weekend with no computers or cell phones.


TRI Vortex said...

So you are the one!!! SixTwoThree was there on a pre-ride and mentioned this weird limo ( Talk about arriving in style. Well Done.

Cliff Tam said...


I konw what u mean about no celly and no comp. Best part of Sat is turning off the cell while I hit the road.

Mallie said...

I think your strategy, incorporating more bike, less run, and more rest will stand you in good stead. Best of luck this weekend. Have fun racing on the new steed!