Wednesday, May 16, 2007

tapping into some speed...

I really like the workouts leading up to a race. Short, quick, and to the point. I like breaking out the race pace (or faster) intervals and tapping into some speed. It's just enough to know what it feels like to go hard without taking too much out of me. Here's how the week is shaping up so far.

After a full day of rest on Monday I was ready to hit the pool tuesday morning. We had a solid workout with some longer intervals but also just some short fast stuff. I was feeling really good. After work it was time for the bike. I was debating all whether to the interval workout on the road bike or the new MTB. It's not really suprising that the MTB won.

I ended up having a killer workout and smashing some of the previous times on a tough loop by my house. I rode this same loop on my hardtail on 4/10 to set a baseline for the climb and descent. Here are the numbers from 4/10:
climb: 3:28
descent: 4:05 (17 mph)
climb: 3:29
descent: 3:45 (19.1 mph)

Here's the numbers from yesterday:
climb: 3:05
descent: 3:10 (22.4 mph)

climb: 3:05
descent: 3:09 (20.6 mph)

The first time I did this loop I was coming off the 70.3 and had just started focusing on Xterra and the MTB. It was also done on my hardtail. This time I was on my new Epic and have been putting a lot of quality on the bike. I am stoked to see the progress.

This morning was an interval run on a different offroad loop by my house. I got in six intervals all faster than 5k pace:
2 x 3min
2 x 2min
2 x 1 min

I descended all the efforts and the recovery interval was equal to the work interval. I felt fast and ready to go. At lunch I hit the gym for an easy 20 min spin on the recumbent bike and a lot stretching. After work it was off to get and adjustment and a 60 min massage.

Tomorrow I'll hit Masters and then call it a day. Then it's time to stay off the legs until my short Friday morning ride.

I am feeling good.... and can't wait to hit it on Sunday.

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barndog said...

It's nice to see that kind of progress in a month. I'd like to see some good splits from the JVR crew this weekend. damn it!