Sunday, July 27, 2008

Operation Mountain Goat: Week 4 recap

Going for it! That's I what I did this weekend. I knocked out a BIG week on the bike (for me any way), and feel great and also got in some solid run miles. The swim was down a bit due some scheduling issues and travel but I plan on getting some good yards this week as I cut bike and run volume a bit in preparation for Xterra Snow Valley on Sunday.

Cody wanted me to log some serious miles on the bike this weekend and I was ready. My last really long ride a couple of weeks ago didn't go so well and one of the main reasons is that I hit it solo. So for Saturday called upon Luke... he's always down and is getting mega strong on the bike. So I spent the week coming up with a 100 mile route with plenty of climbing. I am really enjoying exploring new roads/routes right now. Today I rode Lilac road for the first time and it was killer. Good climbing, fun descents, and very little traffic. There is so much good riding out here, but I have never really taken the time to check it all out until now.

I rode up to Carlsbad (about 10 miles) to meet Luke at 8am and we were on it. I was feeling really good from the start and that lasted throughout the ride. I kept up steady stream of calories and really never started to fade (thank you PowerBar!). We got in a lot of miles with plenty of climbing, heat, and head wind. I kind of messed with Luke when I planned the route. At the 95 mile mark (85 for Luke) we hit Twin Valley Oaks road. This is where I do my hill repeats. So with almost 100 miles in our legs we had tackle a steep 12 minute climb into a headwind! Good times for sure and like I told Luke right before the ride ended... I could have easily kept going and couldn't really believe how good I still felt. Tired for sure but still strong.

Stats from the ride.
Duration: 6:18
Distance: 101.85 miles
Work/Cals: 3320 kJ
Normal Power: 182 watts
avg HR: 142 bpm

sweet graph.

After the ride I was pretty beat. Beth and I lounged by the pool (as usual) for a bit and hit up El Caribe and the Yogurt Shack with my sister. I was in bed just after 9:30pm and crashed.

Sunday was an early wake-up to head down to watch Beth race the Solana Beach Triathlon. This is a killer local event that brings out a lot of people. I won my age group at this race in '06 & '07 but decided not to race this weekend and focus on my training. I definitely made the right call and had a blast hanging out and rooting for everyone. Beth had another good one.

Right after she crossed the line I set out on my long run through San Elijo Lagoon and San Dieguito Park. A great route with some sneaky climbing. It took a little while to settle into the run... I guess riding 100+ miles the day before will do that to you. 90+ minutes later I was back and just in time to snap a couple of photos of Beth and some friends on the podium.

i ran.

I was pretty beat after the run. I was planning on heading out on the bike right after I got home, but I opted for a nap. Later in the afternoon I head out on the bike for some recovery miles and felt good.

I have just completed the 4 big weeks of base training. It has definitely been highest bike volume block I have ever done and I am seeing and feeling the benefits. I am pretty beat right but a lighter week this week will take care of that.

I can't wait to race next weekend up in Snow Valley!


SixTwoThree said...

Way to go man! I can't fathom that kind of mileage on the bike. (Not yet anyway;-)

Jim said...

From what I remember, some of the roads you rode are pretty narrow. Must make for some sketchy riding.

You should have stopped by to see Tim and Clara. You probably rode within a couple miles of their place.

Killer ride. Ready for Snow Valley...

GZ said...

Inspiring training man, particularly that ride. Glad to see you banged a good one with some help.

That shot of the beach has me itching for the shore (although I can't be that close to sea level right now -it would be kryptonite). Live it.

Mark said...

You're killin' it bro! OMG!!

Luke said...

good times...great ride as always!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

man I just watched some race coverage from a French xterra race (Auron) and the stuff you guys do is just awesome but completely nuts!!! No wonder you are so strong and consistent coz you better be at that!
keep on the killer training and racing man!

Ryan Denner said...

Love the mountain goat theme!

I have done that run a number of times - there are some sweet fun trails up in san dieguito park if you know where to find them!

emkruse said...

yowza -- those are some big days

TRI Vortex said...

Geez look at that map, why didn't you drop by and say hi while you were in the area. Man those are some serious miles.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice ride!!!!

XTERRA 29er said...

Congrats on the serious training the last couple of weeks. I'll see you this weekend at Snow Valley.

Benson said...

wow, I'm so jealous of your training routes. they look super fun and scenic.
Good luck this Sunday. Crush it.

Jim said...

Time to get some work done son. Snow Valley won't know what hit it this week end. You ARE ready!!!!!

Note: the following link lists ALL the LLWS games to be televised

Lots of games !!!!!!The first is the Big League Baseball World Series Championship Game. Aug. 2, 2 PM, ESPN. The day before your race. Good fare to tune into during pre-race down time.

Beth will learn to LOVE baseball (HaHa)

MarkyV said...

Traitor... you skipped GS for the yogurt shack?

I'm not talking to you.