Wednesday, July 02, 2008

another decision.

Photo: Nils Nilsen/XTERRA

The two weeks of unstructured training and good times gave me a lot of time to think about the rest of the season. After consulting with my and getting various opinions I have decided not to do the Xterra Mountain Champs in Ogden, UT on 8/16. It just didn't make sense. The bottom line is it will cost quite a bit to get there and I have already locked up everything for the season...

I qualified for Worlds in Temecula
I have maxxed out my points for my AG in the southwest region so I have my Nationals slot and the AG Southwest Regional title.

I just couldn't justify the cost to go race in August and it will also let me put in more solid training leading up to Nationals and Worlds... and give me a chance to do some fun local events.

My mom took this photo richmond. I like it. I look fast.

Here's a couple of lined up for this month:
7/12 - 13 - Rim Nordic MTB Stage Race
- I have wanted to do this event for 2 years but it always fell on the same day as Xterra Snow Valley. Saturday is a hill climb TT & Dirt Crit and then on Sunday there is an XC race.

7/29 - Solana Beach Triathlon (sprint)
- short races have always been great training and I have won my AG at this race the past two years, but this year I will be towing the line with the Elite!

I also have some things I am thinking about in August and September, but I'll to those later.

Other than that I am back to full-on training and it feels good, but it's taking it's toll. I forgot how tired getting up at 5am three days in a row, hitting the bike and then heading to work makes me. The good news is that my body feels great in my workouts. This weekend is the fourth and I have big ride lined up for Saturday... I love base training. Like my bike coach/homeboy Cody, my body responds really well to volume and I seem to recover very quickly. Bring it on!

Photo: Nils Nilsen/XTERRA

I just through up some random photos because I haven't taken any this week... Thanks Nils!!!


Matt said...

You've earned it. And sounds like the local race scene will suffice.
Base up! Oh, speaking of base. . .ball. . .yikes, dude!

Mark said...

You are a very smart man! Good to hear TJ is gone for now ;)

Luke said...

Whatchya doin in August then??

4 day mtb stage race in Brianhead!


Flatman said...

Cya TJ!!! Get it Dawg...

Bryan said...

Hey James, I'm racing Vineman 70.3, let's hook up, brother!

emkruse said...

guess we won't see you in Ogden, but Tahoe it is... have a great independence day

Jim said...

So lime green isn't only for speedos.
Like the changes, especially mom's picture at the top. Sounds like you've got a very workable plan for the rest of the season.

FatDad said...

'Unstructured training'. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Good call on focusing on Nationals and Worlds. Git it.

GZ said...

Free in August, eh? I know a race in Manitou Springs for ya. :)

That ee cummings quote needs to be uncapitalized or it is CRIMINAL.

Great photos.

More seriously ... you seem to be very atuned to the messages your body is giving you, and making intelligent choices regarding that. Keep in tune with that and you will continue to do well.

SixTwoThree said...

Hey, good luck at Rim Nordic. If you get a chance, introduce yourself to the Stephenson brothers - Todd (age group 45) and Brad (pro single-speed). Todd is my guy:-) Tell them you know "the Minnow." Tell them you're the guy that made it to XTERRA Worlds. (I've mentioned you a couple of times.)