Sunday, June 29, 2008

good choices and a great week!

Damn I'm feeling good right now... it could be the couple of cocktails I just had poolside with Beth or the just the satisfaction of knowing that I did the right thing... probably a combination of both.

Let's start with today. I was up early (430am) in the role or triathlon sherpa/race support for Beth at the San Diego International. I don't want to give too much away but it was awesome! I will let her tell the story on her blog. The bottom line is that I loved being out there rooting her on. I never once had the feeling that I should be racing.... she killed it! READ HER BLOG!

sweet scabs... you gotta love mountain biking!

Other than that I think I have gotten all the partying out of my system and I am ready to go... more than ever. I was going to ride today but I opted for poolside cocktails to celebrate with Beth.

Earlier in the week I attended my nephew's high school graduation at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. Good times... and there were serving drinks... rad!

hydrating at the 'bowl

me and jake.. post grad... time to party!

Tomorrow starts Operation Mountain Goat!

the champ... in all her glory... she love's cake!


Jim said...

OK, what's the story that goes along with those scabs? I thought you were taking it easy and playing "Let Beth follow me" on the streets ?

The Filet, Grilled Hearts of Romaine and Fried Goat Cheese just came together. We had the Filet while you were here when you and Beth made the salad. The fried goat cheese came about from our lunch at Baker's Crust in Richmond. The Grilled Hearts of Romaine is thanks to Sam the Cooking Guy and Bobby Flay, with some refinement for my taste. You know I can't ever leave anything alone.

Can't wait to read Beth's race report. Was there ever a doubt that she would do well ?

Mark said...

Sounds like an awesome week dude. Great to see you're taking the much needed mental break! You'll be ready to hit it hard when you ditch TJ ;)

Flatman said...

Great weekend!!! (I am going to miss TJ...)

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

party hard, race and train even harder! that's what it takes and you've got it all figured!
way to go man!

Matt said...

Isn't there a little balance that can be maintained? At the very least, tell TJ to send postcards. For example, recovery: Veggies and Ale!

TRI-ROB said...

Good times bro! And is that a new saucey haircut on the Beth-anator? SWEET!